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Making Moving In & Out Easy

Your move-in date is fast approaching. All you have to do is throw everything you own in a box and get over to your new apartment, right? Wrong. Having a plan on your day is as important to ensuring a smooth move-in, but also can impact your deposit in the future. Follow these simple steps for move-in success:

Declutter Before You Even Start Packing

Do you really need to move that box of old clothes that you haven’t even opened from your last move to your new apartment? Is all that furniture really needed at your new place? Do an inventory of your belongings and be ruthless. The less you have to move, the easier it will be.

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Label Everything

There’s nothing less fun than getting to your new place and having to tear through every box you own just to find a can opener. Label boxes according to where they should be placed in your new apartment, and also include a brief list of what’s inside. This will also help your things get to the right room if you’re having friends help or using professional movers.

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Recruit Some Friends or Hire Some Movers

Having help on moving day can certainly make your life easier. Try luring in a few friends to help and be sure to thank them with some lunch or dinner afterward. It’s also a good idea to remember the favor when it comes time for them to move.

Going the professional route with a moving company is absolutely worth it if you’re new in town, have heavy furniture or have to navigate a lot of stairs. While it will add extra costs to your move, it also means you’ll be able to focus on more important things while they get you moved in. Be sure to check references for any moving company you look at, and also find out if they are insured against damage.

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Take Photos & Note Damage

Before the first box comes in the door, get your camera out and note any damage at the property. This can include nail holes, paint scratches, broken blinds, kitchen items that aren’t working, carpet conditions and more. Was the apartment clean on your arrival? Make a note of it. Make sure you keep your photos and damage list handy for when you decide to move out to ensure you won’t be charged for those items. Additionally, you can share the photos and list with your landlord immediately after you move in so they have a copy for your file.

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Double Check for Moving Damage

Accidents happen during a move. Check over your things to see if you need to notify the moving company of any damage to either your possessions or property. They may have forms they will need you to fill out. Additionally, if you see any damage caused to the property by the move, make a note of it. You will want to get it fixed prior to leaving the apartment when your lease is up.

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