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For the next article in our series on affordable housing near good public schools, we take a look at the City of Angels. Los Angeles spreads its best schools across the entire city in a band of northwest LA that includes Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

This part of town isn't known for being low rent, and your rental dollar doesn't go very far when you're trying to rent near good schools in LA. We'll use data to try and stretch that rental dollar as far as it can.

As well as identifying good parts of town to look, we will use average property rent and school ratings to identify properties throughout the area that are our picks to provide the best value for each grade level.

Best schools LA
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Top Neighborhoods

Viewing school ratings by neighborhood allows us to find the areas with superb overall schools, rather than just identifying one-off instances of an individually exemplary school. By this metric, Silver Lake is the neighborhood in the Los Angeles area that is closest to the best overall schools.

best neighborhoods schools LA
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Neighborhood Rank Neighborhood Neighborhood City and State Avg. School Rating
1 Silver Lake Los Angeles, CA 8.7
2 Los Feliz Los Angeles, CA 7.2
3 Bel Air Los Angeles, CA 7.0
4 Mar Vista Los Angeles, CA 7.0
5 Mount Washington Los Angeles, CA 7.0
6 Westwood Los Angeles, CA 7.0
7 Brentwood Los Angeles, CA 6.5
8 West Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA 6.5
9 Miracle Mile Los Angeles, CA 6.0


Sawtelle Los Angeles, CA 5.7



Top properties near the best public schools in Los Angeles

Having looked at the best overall neighborhoods, we now look to find the best individual properties near the best schools at the elementary, middle and high school level. Click on any location circle in our interactive maps to pull up info on properties for that location.


Elementary Schools

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Value Rank Property Name Avg. Rent Avg. School Rating
1 Riverglen $1,700 10.00
2 The Diplomat $2,400 10.0
3 eaves Los Feliz $2,558 10.0
4 Woodcliff Apartments $2,895 10.0
5 Park La Brea $2,653 9.0
6 Westwood Villa Apartments $3,025 10.0
7 HPG Miracle Mile $2,800 9.0
8 Toluca Hills Apartments by Avalon $2,751 8.0
9 The Barclay $1,795 5.0
10 The Langham Apartments $1,820 5.0

Middle Schools

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Value Rank Property Name Avg. Rent Avg. School Rating
1 Riverglen $1,700 8.0
2 eaves Los Feliz $2,558 8.0
3 The Diplomat $2,400 7.0
4 Park La Brea $2,653 7.0
5 Casa de Vida Apartments $2,653 7.0
6 8569 Burton Way Apartments $3,025 7.0
7 HPG Miracle Mile $2,800 7.0
8 The Clarington $2,751 7.0
9 Woodcliff Apartments $2,895 7.0
10 CentrePointe Apartments $1,820 7.0


High Schools

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Value Rank Property Name Avg. Rent Avg. School Rating
1 Riverglen $1,700 8.00
2 The Havenhurst $1,975 7.0
3 eaves Los Feliz $2,558 8.0
4 The Barclay $1,795 5.5
5 Hyde Park $2,300 7.0
6 The Langham Apartments $1,820 5.5
7 Park La Brea $2,653 7.0
8 Vantage Hollywood Apartments $2,749 7.0
9 Toluca Hills Apartments by Avalon $2,751 7.0
10 8569 Burton Way Apartments $2,795 7.0


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