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If you want to make sure you're getting the best apartment for your money, you need to focus on the details. Here are some important features you might easily overlook when looking for your new apartment.


When checking out an apartment, don't just look at the square footage in each individual room. The way space is used is just as important. The amount of space between doors, windows and other physical features can make a difference in how you set up your apartment. It's important to picture the furniture you want in each room when determining if a potential apartment suits your space requirements.

Pay attention to the layout of the bedroom. Depending on where closet doors fall in relation to windows and the door into the room, you may only have one spot where your bed will fit.

In other rooms, placement of windows can affect your use of furniture as well as decoration. If the windows are particularly low, it will limit the furniture you can place in the room. Count the outlets in each room and take note of phone jacks and cable outlets.

The Douglas Apartments in Denver, CO
The Douglas Apartments in Denver, CO



When you view a potential apartment, look closely at the appliances. Open the doors of the refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher. Look for signs of wear and tear, and compare the capacity to what you're used to. If you're concerned with utility bills, pay attention to the exact models and find out if they are new enough to incorporate energy-saving features.


Walk-in closets are a popular feature. What about other kinds of storage? Pay attention to closets in every part of the apartment, and think about how much stuff you need to store. If you put your clothes and shoes in the bedroom closet, your coats in the coat closet and your towels and bathroom stuff in the bathroom closet, have you used up all your closet space?


Try to get a little quiet time during your visit. Sit back for a few minutes and try to soak up the environment. Open a door or window if necessary, and try to get a sense of the sounds in the background. Can you hear footsteps or talking in nearby apartments? Sounds from nearby businesses or traffic?

It's true that an empty apartment will amplify sound to some degree, but that just helps your awareness of what you might be dealing with after you move in.


Don't just look out the window at the porch, take a close look. If you already own outdoor furniture, make sure it will fit. Sometimes the location of the patio door or outdoor closet will affect where furniture can be placed. Look at the railings and edges of the porch for signs of water damage so you can tell how well the roof is doing its job.

Taking the time to find the right place is an excellent investment in future happiness. Go through each contender thoroughly and focus on the details.



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