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Every year, we excitedly wait for Pantone to announce the new color of the year. While 2018 was marked by the bold Ultraviolet, this year, we can expect a completely different feel, as the color that will mark 2019 is “Living Coral".

Living Coral is a bright but soft peachy coral color with a golden undertone. It's described as “sociable and spirited," just what we need in the present time, as it urges us to be playful and optimistic and can be a lively addition to any part of our lives.

While Living Coral might look like a difficult color to combine at first sight, it actually gives you a ton of opportunities to come up with eye-catching combinations. You can either go for a bright, all-pinkish combo that will create a very modern vibe and will always remind you of warm summer days, or you can tone it down with more pastel pink and beige hues to create a more sophisticated approach.

On the other hand, you can also go for complementary hues as various shades of blue, turquoise and even green can work well with Living Coral. Your opportunities are endless.

While you might already have a Living Coral nail polish and perhaps a pair of pumps, don't miss out on adding this energetic color to your living space, as well. All of our homes need a bit of life and Living Coral is a perfect way to bring that in with some simple and easy additions. Here are some tips on how to incorporate it in your apartment.

It's the small things

living coral pillows

You don't have to completely overhaul your home in order to give it a new flair. A few new pieces will do just fine. This is also a good way to test how well this color sits with your interior before jumping right in and painting all your walls vibrant coral. You can, for instance, get a focal point in Living Coral (think armchairs, sofas, rugs) and build around it with a few additional accessories, such as throw pillows and decorations.

Placing a few trinkets in this color here and there will tie the whole room together and will make the design look well thought-out. You can even visit your local flower shops and see if you can find any newly potted plants that boast the same color to bring in even more life. Finish off the look with a set of Living Coral coffee cups on your coffee table and you're all set.


Outdoor fun

living coral flowers

The exterior of your home could benefit from Living Coral, as well. Given that it's a bright and lively color, your house will get an extra dose of charm in the summer if adorned by this color. For instance, you can get lovely outdoor seating in Living Coral — or even simpler, just switch your old cushions to some fresh new ones.

If you're getting nice seating, you don't want the sun to bleach the color and ruin the fabric, so think about your shade options. If your garden is well-shaded by trees, this is not a problem. But in most cases, you're going to need some retractable pergolas. In fact, you might even get these in Living Coral and it will be a perfect match!

Go big

living coral accent wall

If you're positive that Living Coral is simply your color, don't be afraid to infuse your interior with it. Paint a feature wall and your living room will feel like a whole new place. Instead of paint, you can also go for patterned wallpaper that can bring in intricate designs with minimal effort on your side.

Look around your local furniture store to see if you can find shelves, ottomans or any other pieces of furniture in Living Coral. If you don't succeed, don't despair. You can also try your hand at DIY by refurbishing an old piece with a bit of coral paint.

Moreover, you can incorporate Living Coral in basically any room of the house. One room where it would look especially charming is the kitchen! This lively hue will instantly make your kitchen look more welcoming and modern.

You can go for a coral backsplash, coral walls, a coral kitchen island or even paint your old cabinets coral! Nothing makes a home feel more alive than a colorful kitchen, so if you feel like your space needs a bit of fresh air, make sure you use Living Coral in some way!

As you can see, there are so many ways in which you can incorporate the color of the year into your home that soon you might even feel sick of it! Start off with small additions and see what kind of a difference this color will make in your interior.

What you will certainly notice is your mood improving. Colors affecting our psychological state is no news, and with all the positive characteristics that Living Coral is described with, your interior will become a pleasant place the whole family will love spending time in.

Header Photo by Lauren Fleischmann on Unsplash



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