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Is packing up your apartment NOT your idea of a fun time? It is surely not at the top of many lists of favorite activities. When you break packing down into manageable pieces day by day, however, it tends to progress more easily.

Make your list of the day – each day! — for what to pack up in your apartment. Apply this strategy to your efforts, and moving can be a breeze — or at least less stressful!

Grab a pen and paper
You are going to write a lot of lists in this process. Designate a notebook so you can keep all of your packing information in one place. It will be much easier to write all this down than to try to keep it straight in your head, and the list-making is part of a disciplined approach to packing.

Set a moving and packing timeline
The first step is to break up your packing into daily tasks you can handle. Take a step back and look at the big picture. How much time do you have to pack? How many rooms do you have to pack? How much time during the week can you dedicate to packing? Once you know the answer to these questions you will be able to set your moving and packing timeline.

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Set a packing strategy — and follow through!
Once you know how much time you have to pack, set a packing strategy. Pick a method that works best for you and that will keep you engaged in the packing process.

Here are two possible strategies to try:

  • Each room has a day: Say you have five rooms in your apartment. Assign one room to each weekday. On Monday, you can pack the kitchen. On Tuesday, pack up the living room, and so on. Use the weekend to catch up on the rooms that need additional time.
  • Each room has a week: Again, let’s say you have 5 rooms in your apartment, and 6 weeks to pack. Each room gets one week, with the last week set aside for odds and ends, or items that you have to pack at the last minute (your priority box).

If neither of these works for your timeline, make up your own system that does. The only limits are time and energy.

When you are done for the day
When you are done packing for the day, take a moment to reflect on the job you have done. Write down two positive things about the packing session for today. For example: I finished packing the linen closet, or I decluttered the filing cabinet. These small successes will keep you motivated for the next day’s effort.

After you are done listing the things you are proud of, take a few moments to list what you want to tackle tomorrow. That way you won’t waste time tomorrow hemming and hawing over your list — when you could be packing!

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