host an oscar party
host an oscar party
You don’t have to be in L.A. to throw an party when the Academy Awards are on.

Read to roll out the red carpet and invite your friends over to watch the Oscars telecast? This year, don’t just watch the show on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn. Blow it out superstar-style and plan a movie party that would impress the Academy.

Here are some ideas to glam up your own Oscar gala!

Nominated movie themes
If you love the challenge of a themed party, Oscar night is the perfect evening to throw one. This year, be topical and invoke Hollywood inspiration by asking your attendees to dress like a character from one of the nominated movies. You might even assign a specific movie to each of your pals. (Best animated short should be a hoot.) Another option is to turn it into more of an actual celebrity theme, encouraging guests to show up dressed as one of the Best Actor or Actress nominees. Don’t forget to award prizes for most original costume!

Oscar oldies, but goodies
Another spin on the costume party is to ask your fellow Oscar fans to dress in the style of their favorite Academy Award winners from the past. This opens up ideas from silent film stars to 1970s celebs. The costume party might even turn into a live game of charades, where each star acts out a line or scene from their movie homage, while guests guess who is being portrayed.

Acceptance speech action
If your friends aren’t into costumes, have them come as they are, but ask them to bring their own creative acceptance speech to read during each commercial. Set a 2 minute (suggested!) time limit. Assign your guests a number when they arrive, and then draw numbers out of a hat at each commercial break to see who will deliver their acceptance speech on the spot. You might give out fake awards like “Best Trained Dog” or “Best Wig Design.” In your invitations, be sure to encourage the kind of zany behavior becoming of a denizen of the silver screen.

The Oscar Ballot
Let’s face it: besides the costumes and the crazy speeches, the fun part of the Oscars is finding out who wins. Any self-respecting Academy Awards party will print out ballots for their guests to rate the movies before the show starts — over cocktails, let’s say. Then the person with the most correct choices at the end of the night wins a prize. (Movie tickets are a great reward!)

From movie-specific to celebrity-era themes, there are many unique ways to celebrate Oscar night. Grab your best costume and your Oscar ballot, then prepare to enjoy a Hollywood-inspired evening with your favorite supporting cast of friends.

Photo credit: “81st Academy Awards Ceremony” by BDS2006 (talk) – I created this work entirely by myself.. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.



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