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There are many ways you can show your dog you love him. From bacon-wrapped treats to some extra cheese in his bowl, and from that brand new toy to a new, warm blanket to keep him warm in the cold Durham winter months, you can also show Fido you love him by keeping him healthy and active. This could include daily walks around the neighborhood or trips to the dog park.

In Durham, there are several off-leash dog parks that you and your dog can enjoy. Remember to register your dog, follow the rules and regulations, bring extra baggies and have fun. Here are a few of the best pet parks in and around Durham.

Piney Wood Park
Located in the Woodlake neighborhood, this dog park is a favorite among Durham dog owners. Dogs have lots of space to play in this 3-acre park, including separate areas for larger dogs, smaller dogs and puppies, as well as a small training area for owners to work on obedience with their dogs. Piney Wood Park features plenty of benches, including some under the shade so dog owners can stay cool while Fido makes new friends. The water fountain is a hit with the dogs, and your dog can frolic through plenty of grass.
Location: 5999 Woodlake Drive, Durham, NC 27713

Downtown Durham Dog Park
This is a much smaller neighborhood park, located at Roxboro and Elliott streets. There are separate areas for large and small dogs and benches located throughout the park. Downtown Durham Dog Park is maintained by the local neighborhood, and they ask you to remember to pick up all trash when leaving the park.
Location: 422 N. Roxboro St., Durham, NC 27701

Homestead Park
Located just outside of Durham in Chapel Hill, Homestead Park is the ideal park to take your dog out. The open space is loved by the dogs, as it allows them plenty of running space. Additionally, owners can stay cool in shaded areas, and dogs love to play in the rocks, bushes and trees throughout the park. Similar to other dog parks in the area, there are two sections – one for small dogs and one for larger dogs, and plenty of water is available. Additionally, no membership fee is required at this park.
100 Northern Park Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Northgate Dog Park
One of the best parts about Northgate Dog Park is the amount of regulars. They are friendly and enthusiastic about their dogs, as well as other dog park goers. Once you start going here regularly, you’ll see familiar faces, and your dogs will meet new friends quickly. The park itself is neat, as it is an old baseball field converted into a dog park. There are plenty of places to sit, and there is a lot of room for Fido to roam. The park provides plenty of water for the dogs to share, and there are bags for clean-up throughout. For smaller dogs or shy dogs, there’s a separate area to play.
Location: 400 W. Lavender Ave., Durham, NC 27704

Photo Credit: Ksenia Raykova

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