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If you're a pet lover who has recently moved to San Diego, it can be tough finding like-minded folks that share your passion for pets. So check out our handy guide for San Diego pet lovers.

For all you San Diego dog lovers, check out Meetup.com, where several dog groups have already formed.

San Diego Off-Leash Meetup

This group is for those who enjoy getting together with other pet owners for off-leash dog recreation in the San Diego area. Gather to discuss this growing trend with other dog owners and bring your dogs!

Dog Play Groups

This Meetup listing contains several different types of meetings for dog lovers, including groups for poodles and small breeds, as well as a group for twenty- and thirty-something dog owners. Whatever your dog's breed, you're sure to find a group just for you. There's even a group devoted to owners of deaf dogs!

And if your love of pets extends to the kind with scales rather than fur, there are also several groups devoted to reptiles, turtles and snakes.

San Diego Herpetological Society

This group co-sponsors a Reptile, Amphibian and Bug Club for owners of these types of pets and researchers. There are dues for this organization. Check the website for details.

San Diego Turtle and Tortoise Society

This organization is devoted to helping turtles, tortoises and their owners. The group hosts monthly meetings that are open to the public, and offers care tips, turtle adoptions and rescue information. Memberships start at $25 per year.

Still can't find the right club for you? Then start your own. Join Meetup.com, check out Facebook or other social media sites or just put an ad in the paper. You never know who or what you'll find! The right group for you and your pet could be just a click or phone call away.

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