Would you be worried about noise, traffic, or unwanted media attention?

Mr. Bieber has engaged in some questionable activities, suggesting — for some, at least – a possibility of less than neighborly behavior. There was the report of an alleged egging of a neighbor’s home in Los Angeles, and also claims that Bieber has allegedly driven a car unsafely. A petition to deport Bieber from the United States has received over 269,000 signatures.

An informal poll conducted by the author among a few friends revealed varied opinions about hypothetically having Bieber as a neighbor:

“I’d move.”

“I’d worry for my safety, and take measures to protect myself.”

“I’d want to help and mother him.”

“I’d be thrilled to get close to the ‘celebrity life.’”

“I’d ignore or tolerate the extra attention…to a point.”

“I’d prefer Jennifer Lawrence.”

What challenges might a celebrity presence bring to a neighborhood? Any fringe benefits, perhaps?

Would you move if a celebrity became your neighbor?

Here at Apartment Guide, we thought the situation merited some thought on the nature of the neighbor relationship.

Good Neighbor TipsWhat is good neighbor behavior?

  • Good neighbors are respectful: they pay attention to loud music or other unreasonably distracting behavior which might annoy their neighbors.
  • Good neighbors are good pet parents. They control their pets so that neighbors don’t have to interact with them, if they would prefer not to.
  • Good neighbors follow parking and garbage disposal guidelines in the community.
  • Good neighbors don’t engage in unsafe behavior at home.
  • Good neighbors are tolerant of differences between people. They realize when personal prejudices might affect how they treat a neighbor.
  • Good neighbors watch out for each other. They’re aware of what’s going on in the neighborhood.
  • Good neighbors follow the Golden Rule: behave toward others as you would have others behave toward you!

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