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The Boulders Apartments in Reno, NV
The Boulders Apartments in Reno, NV

How your home office is designed can affect the amount and quality of work you complete in it. If you decorate the room with productivity in mind, chances are you’ll be successful in it.

First, consider the location of your home office in your house. Place it as far away from distractive or noisy areas, such as the kitchen and family room, as you can. Try to not place it near the master bedroom, as you’ll want the two to be separate living spaces entirely.


Once you have selected the space for your home office, choose a wall color that is calming and encourages thinking and organization. Clean neutrals such as cream, off-white and light taupe create a perfect nearly blank canvas for you to think in. Cool blues, sage green and gray are pleasing to the eye and enhance perception. Even darker or brighter blues encourage concentration, and browns and more neutral, less bold orange shades provide a sense of calm.

Next, select the furniture and décor for your home office and decide where they will go in the room. Keep art and accessories simple and uncluttered, as they’ll be a major distraction otherwise. Add a couple of plants in the room to encourage clearer air in which to think.  If you don’t know where to start, here are home office décor suggestions for the major pieces:


Select lightweight furniture that meets the needs of the room and serves the purpose of what you will use the desk for.

  • If you can’t dedicate an entire room to a home office, select an all-in-one desk, a hutch and, if space allows, a wall unit for your storage needs.
  • For work that leans more toward the creative, such as woodworking, sewing and jewelry making, you’ll love a simple, flat work space and table.
  • For simple computer and writing work, the lightweight computer desk is ideal.


Keep home office lighting soft and calming with two lamps with no more than 60-watt bulbs.


Think outside the filing cabinet when it comes to home office organization, and incorporate neatness and function into your design. Ideas include filing papers in colorful, sturdy manila envelopes hung side-by-side on a bulletin board or replacing shabby drawers in old desks with tweed- or canvas-lined bins.

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Do you have a home office? How do you keep it organized? 




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