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Lofts at Willow Creek Apartments in Beavercreek, OH
Lofts at Willow Creek Apartments in Beavercreek, OH

Maybe you’re familiar with feng shui, or maybe you’ve just heard the term and are wondering what it means. An ancient Chinese practice involving the aesthetics, shape and symmetry of objects, rooms and buildings, feng shui is used to promote harmony and balance in everyday life.

No matter how small your apartment in, you can make just a few small, inexpensive changes to improve the feng shui in your apartment without spending a lot of time. Read on to find out more.

Perhaps the most important step in introducing feng shui but often the most overlooked, clearing out clutter in your home is an exhaustive yet cleansing process necessary to promote a harmonious home. Rid your space of anything that does not serve a purpose.

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Let There Be Light
Proper lighting is essential to improving apartment feng shui. In fact, it is one of the elements necessary to producing good feng shui energy, called “Chi.” Choose sources of light that are soft, comforting and relaxing, instead of harsh, fluorescent lighting. Color is also considered a source of light, so keep that in mind when choosing paint colors and accompanying accent pieces. Fill your space with vibrant art pieces or nostalgic photographs to increase good energy. Open windows to let natural light in as often as possible.

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Water, Water, Everywhere
According to ancient feng shui tradition, water is believed to be an auspicious element, bringing wealth and prosperity. If your apartment is located near a lake, ocean or other natural body of water, consider yourself extremely fortunate. Pools, ponds or fountains are also considered bodies of water that bring good luck. Consider bringing in a fish tank or aquarium to bring an element of water into your home and promote greater fortune.

Plant Power
Part of feng shui involves bringing elements of the outside into your inside space to promote balance and harmony of the elements. Choose low-maintenance plants that also provide an element of air purification, such as the Bamboo Palm or Rubber Plant.

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The Trinity
Overall, be mindful of how the feel of your home contributes to your health and well-being. Do you feel comfortable and relaxed? Is there just a bit too much clutter? Do I feel a positive or negative energy? Focus on the three elements of the feng shui trinity when asking yourself these questions—the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen. Your bed should always be placed with a solid wall at the head. A solid wall provides an element of strength and security, which leads to deeper sleep and more restfulness. Place a big mirror in the bathroom to increase energy and give the illusion of a bigger space. The kitchen should always be filled with plants or flowers to create an uplifting energy. Paint or decorate the kitchen with accent pieces of yellow, as this color promotes digestion.



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