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Pause a moment before you collapse that moving box for recycling!


You could easily extend a box's life by reusing it for a productive purpose.

We share some ideas that might surprise you.

More storage
Before the age of plastic tubs, cardboard boxes were the go-to solution for storing everything from off-season clothes to tax papers. See if you can save money and get yourself more organized by giving your moving boxes new life as effective storage containers.

You can use heavy cardboard moving boxes to make a set of shelves by stacking them on their sides, several rows high. Stow sweaters, magazines or toys in the open space—a great solution for closets that need organizing help. Or create decorative storage by making something totally new out of your moving boxes, like this stylish shelf.

Fun and games
Children don’t need any help figuring out ways to reuse moving boxes. Set them loose with a few and they’ll create a house, a fort or a whole town.

You can also make seats or an art drying center for paintings — your own or your kids’. But don’t stop there: cardboard makes great material for play scenery, costumes, a play oven and all kinds of vehicles, from race cars to airplanes.

Crafty things
Cardboard can be made into lasting gifts and decor with a little effort and ingenuity. Try these inventive hanging lights for a start. You can also create refrigerator magnets to brighten a friend’s day.

When the material is disposable, you can get creative about using it in far out ways. After all, if your craft project idea goes awry, just recycle the box and start over with another!

Household helpers
Recycled moving boxes are perfect for helping with messy tasks. If you suspect a leak, stick one under your car to find out if those suspicious spots are coming from your vehicle. You can also use flattened moving boxes to cover your floor during painting or craft projects that might leave permanent memories on the floor.

A clean, dry cardboard box can fill various functions in your apartment. Fill a box with comfy blankets to create a bed for your pet. Use boxes for sorting and storing clean laundry. Or gather your recyclables together in a sturdy box for delivery to the recycling bin.

By the time you’re done unpacking, it may be tempting to get those moving boxes out to that recycling bin as soon as possible. You may discover, however, that it’s worth keeping some around, destined for a second life as useful household items!

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