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A great way to make your apartment feel like a true home is to add decorations and pretty updates that complement your own personal style. Decorating can get pretty expensive, though.

The good news? If you want to spruce up each room in your apartment, there are ways you can do it without having to break the bank. The key to updating your apartment cheaply is to make small changes that add big style.

Make a small touch up here and include a splash of color there, and before you know it the room will look completely different. Here's how to update each room in your apartment for $50 or less:

The Living Room

  • Dress up your windows: Bright curtains can liven up a space in no time, and they don't have to cost a lot of money either. Look online or at discount department stores for some pretty patterned curtains that will jazz up the windows and add some color to the white walls.
  • Switch out your throw pillows: A couple of throw pillows won't break the bank, and your plain couch will look super spiffy. Make the room look even more put together by matching the colors in your pillows to those in your curtains.
  • Prettify your coffee table: Use a pretty tray to keep your coffee table organized and stylish. Place some magazines or a coffee table book on the tray next to a small vase or scented candle.

The Bedroom

  • Change your lamp shades: New lamp shades can completely alter the look of a room in an instant. Not only will they add a new style to your bedside tables, but they can also change the quality of light in the room – use them to make the bright light in your bedroom a little softer.
  • Stack some baskets: Tackle clutter and add some decor at the same time by picking up a couple of stackable baskets to keep in one corner of the room. Throw in some blankets or clothes you don't wear often, or anything cluttering up your shelves.
  • Make your own headboard: A quick search on Pinterest will show you just how many DIY headboard ideas there are out there, and some of them can be created pretty cheaply. Even simply hanging a curtain on the wall at the head of your bed can pull the room together.

The Kitchen

  • Change the hardware: As long as your landlord gives the OK, a great way to change the look of a small apartment kitchen is to switch out the cabinet hardware. For apartments that don't have very many cabinets and drawers, this can be a super cheap and easy project.
  • Add a rug: Replace your old rug by the sink with something new, colorful and fun. Over time kitchen rugs can become dirty and discolored. You can feel free to clean it thoroughly, but splurging on a new one shouldn't break the bank either.

The Bathroom

  • Add a coat rack: If you have some extra wall space, hang up a decorative coat rack for your robes and extra towels. The colorful array of towels will add some brightness to your walls.
  • Frame some photos: Almost anything looks great in a beautiful frame, so you don't have to be a professional photographer to make some hangable artwork. Spend an afternoon walking around a park or neighborhood and take some colorful pictures. Print them out at a drugstore, frame them, and hang them on your bathroom wall.
  • Choose a fun shower curtain: The most obvious big change you can make in a bathroom for $50 or less is replacing the shower curtain. Something new and colorful will update the room's overall style immediately.




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