If you’re moving from one apartment to another, an important item on your moving to-do list is to transfer utility service from your old apartment to your new one. This might seem a little overwhelming — especially if you have a number of utilities to transfer.  Apartment Guide has your back: just follow these simple guidelines to do it correctly,  and avoid any gaps in service.

Make a list of utility services

Start the transfer by making a list of the utilities you currently use. List the utilities you have, which companies handle those services, and how much on average you pay per month to use those utilities. Leave enough space by each utility to jot down notes about the transfer details.

Get utility services details from your new apartment community

If you can, talk to your new apartment community management about the utility services situation at your new apartment, taking careful notes.

    • Ask if any utility services are included with your rent. For instance, one apartment community might include your water bill in the rent, while another might offer a free Internet connection.
    • Ask if there are any exclusive utility providers for the apartment community or the area. Depending on how far you are moving, you might have to switch providers for utilities, such as cable, rather than simply transfer service between addresses.
    • Ask if there are any preferred utility providers for the apartment community. A certain provider might offer a discount to residents of the apartment community.

Call your utility services

Next, you will want to check online or call the utility services to initiate service or to schedule transfers.

    • Ask what you will need to secure in order to transfer utilities. Is a deposit required? Will you need to be present when the old utilities are turned off or the new utilities turned on? This is a good time to set up any necessary appointments.
    • Ask if there are any discounts for starting new service at your new apartment.
    • Ask if there are any ways to lower your utility bill. This might be a good time to examine your utility services and see if there are features you are not using.

Call to confirm

Shortly before your move, call each utility service to confirm that your utilities will be transferred to your new apartment, and confirm any appointments needed to turn on service. Have your notes with you when you make these calls in case there are any questions.

Start early

If possible, don’t leave your utility transfer until the last minute. For certain utility services, it might take a few days for the paperwork to go through on the transfer. Leaving enough time will help the transfer go more smoothly.

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