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You don’t need a big space to have a big time with your friends.  The trick with throwing parties in a small space is to maximize your space in clever ways. Here are some cool ways to transform your small space into a festive place.

Move things around to make more room

Your furniture is probably just going to get in the way of people enjoying the party. In a pinch, you can just push it up against the wall to open up more space, but even better is removing the furniture temporarily if you can. If the party is just in the living room, stash some things in your bedroom or closet to make room for the people.


Make a good impression when people arrive

Get creative with repurposing

You already have some experience with this, living in a small apartment, but you’re going to have to get really creative here. Any flat surface can be used to serve food, it’s just a matter of disguising them. Put some fancy-looking fabric over, say, your TV stand (with the TV safely hidden in another room) and you have a mini buffet table.

You can also use spaces in more interesting ways. Make the patio/balcony an area where you serve desserts, or put some appetizers right inside the door, so people can pick up a snack while taking off their shoes.

However you do it, make use of all the space you have – there’s not a lot of it to go around.

Dont rush into it

This is especially relevant if you’re throwing a housewarming party. Not having enough time to get everything put away while trying to plan a party at the same time is going to leave you stressed out and making bad decisions about how to run the party. Give yourself time to get moved in and used to your new space before trying to radically repurpose it for a large group of people.

Embrace that its going to be small

One way to make your party really work is to have a small number of people there. You don’t have to worry so much about a small space if only six to eight people are going to be there. This can also let you serve nicer food, since fewer people are much easier to serve. Send nicer invitations out, which will make a positive impression. You can also give out party favors or gift bags to make it feel more memorable right from the start.

Pay close attention to the temperature

Human bodies produce heat, so having a lot of them in the same room causes the temperature to rise. Having a fan running, or more air conditioning than normal, is going to be really important. You don’t want your guests to all be uncomfortable because they’re sweating just from being in the same, cramped room.

Keep the menu light and already prepared

You really don’t want to be cooking while people are coming in to the party. Cooking takes up a lot of space, and if you’re using the oven or stove, you’re just going to be adding to the heat problem we just talked about. As much as you can, have everything already made before people get there, so you can focus on the party and not take up potentially valuable space in the kitchen.

You also need somewhere to put all the food, so the less of it you can have, the easier that will be. Don’t take this so far that you’re not serving anything – no one wants a party without food – but you want to keep things light, for the sake of your limited space and sanity.

Don’t let logistics make you lose out on hosting a great party at home. Follow these suggestions that will support your small apartment soiree!


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