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It's time to pack it in! That's how you might feel by the end of your packing process, but if you plan ahead and know how to tackle your move, it can be much easier than expected. Try these packing tips to make sure you are ready in time for your big day.

Weed out the junk

The first step to an efficient packing process is getting rid of things you don't need. Why go through the trouble of transporting your junk to your new home when you can toss it before your move?

Before you even think about moving boxes, sort through your stuff. Take a look at each surface, closet and room and look for items you can dispose of, such as décor that's no longer in style, clothing you haven't worn in the last year and belongings that are broken or worn out. You may have items you want to trash and others you would like to replace with a fresh, updated version. Make several piles of items to throw away, recycle, donate or consign. If you are going to buy new items, make a shopping list so you don't forget what you've tossed and need to replace.


Get the right tools

Once you have cleared out the clutter, arm yourself with the tools you need to pack everything in your apartment.

Knowing how to pack can be a mystery. Make your life easier by creating a moving checklist and stocking up on the proper packing supplies. These include boxes, newspaper, bubble wrap, packing tape and markers for labeling boxes. You should also have a few handy tools, such as screwdrivers, to dismantle furniture.

When you are selecting moving boxes, be sure to buy several sizes. For example, small boxes are helpful when you are packing heavy or fragile items. Large boxes can quickly become overloaded and heavy. You’ll want to pack fragile items so that they don’t have any room to jostle around and get broken.

For eco-conscious moving, opt for reusable moving boxes that cut down on waste and are often sturdier than standard cardboard boxes. Don't forget to have markers and labels handy so you can label your boxes as you go. Knowing exactly what’s inside will help your movers know what room to place the boxes in at your new home, which will also help you prioritize your unpacking.

Take it one room at a time

You've got your stuff sorted and your supplies ready, so let's get packing! The simplest method for tackling the packing process is to take it one room at a time. Make a plan to start with the toughest or easiest room and work your way around the house. When you finish the first room, you may want to designate it as the storage room where you move all of the other boxes as you get them packed.

Stacking the boxes in one area makes it easier for your movers to load them quickly and helps you mark your progress. When it comes to packing, slow and steady wins the race. All you have to do is start!

Here's one final packing tip: be sure to pack one box labeled "first night" and fill it with everything you need to spend that first evening in your new home. Load it up with bed and bath linens, toiletries, pajamas and a set of clothes to wear the next day when you start the job of unpacking.

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