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From pet beds to pet toys to leashes, collars and more, there’s no reason to leave Spot’s stuff off the spring cleaning list when the time comes to freshen up your apartment!

Pet Toys

Just think about the kind of use your pets’ toys get. The mouth. The feet. Sometimes the ground outside. And all of it on your floor (you may want to wash that, too, since we’re talking spring cleaning!). Toys come in varying shapes, sizes and most importantly – materials. Some are easier to care for than others.

Hard rubber or plastic toys are simple: just load them into the dishwasher, but forgo the usual detergent (just in case) and opt for pet-safe vinegar instead.

Soft toys can be bundled together for a trip through the washing machine. Check labels, if any, to make sure they are washer-safe. Those with more sensitive parts can be bundled into a pillowcase or purpose-built string bag for a gentler journey through the cycle. Mild detergent and a little baking soda will do the trick and, if you can time it right, a little more white vinegar during the rinse cycle is beneficial, as well.

Toys with squeakers can lose a bit of their noise when wet, but most can be restored to normal with a bit of “squeak-wringing.” (You may want to do this out of earshot of your dog!) Dry them on the low or no-heat setting or – if time permits – allow them to air dry.

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Near You

The bed

Sure, you might be like many dog owners and allow your pup to sack out on your bed or sofa, but hopefully these areas are already handled! Cleaning the dog’s bed, however, can be tedious. And the larger the bed, the more challenging the job.

Does yours have a removable cover? If so, great! That makes the job easier. First, use a sticky lint roller to get as much pet hair off the cover as possible. This is easier if you leave it on the bed. Follow the directions on any inside labels and if none exists, simply wash the cover in hot water with mild detergent (be mindful in the event your pet has allergies!) and some baking soda to deodorize.

If the bed’s cover isn’t removable, and you can’t wash and dry it via your machines, you may be able to hand wash it in your bathtub, wringing it thoroughly before air drying. If your apartment has a balcony or patio – you can make great use of it here!


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