Recent findings by the U.S. Census Bureau indicate that new home construction spending was up by 28 percent in 2012 – the demand for new living structures is not only rebounding, but growing.

New construction apartment communities offer several major brand differentiators that older competitors just cannot match. While a renter in a new building may not get to choose appliances or how to paint the walls, he or she still gets to enjoy many of the same advantages that make building a home so appealing.

Sell the unique advantages of new apartment construction with these marketing tips.

New construction amenities
To a renter, newly-constructed apartments offer the best in modern conveniences. Features and amenities that are “nice to have” in older communities — things like built-in wireless Internet access, docks for smart phones and MP3 players, or state-of-the-art media rooms and gyms — are often standard in new construction properties. If you’re marketing a new apartment that offers the latest and greatest in convenience features like these, you have plenty to tout.

Energy efficiency
When you consider the unique selling advantages of new construction, don’t forget to point out how living in a new property may help renters save money. Make sure to mention when you have installed low-flow toilets, energy-efficient windows, solar panels and upgraded insulation. All of these green building features demonstrate your property’s commitment to the environment, and they can have a strong appeal to potential renters’ hearts — and their pocketbooks.

Location, location, location
The trend in new construction apartment living is to build properties in urban areas close to jobs and public transportation. For a renter, living in a new apartment that’s just minutes from work, shopping and entertainment is a major selling point.

The other major location-related selling advantage? Along with new residential construction typically come new businesses seeking to cater to residents with boutique shops, small markets and intimate restaurants. When a new-construction community features proximity to small businesses or even leases space to them right in the community, that’s a major brand differentiator.

The emotional factor
Perhaps the biggest selling advantage is the emotional factor connected with new construction.

Consider this: in a consumer’s mind, new means special. Whether it’s being the first to drive a new car, take the first bite of a gourmet dish, or slip into a new dress, new experiences make people feel lucky, unique and excited.

These feelings can also be associated with your new construction rental property. Help your potential residents envision what it would be like to live in a brand-new building, and they’ll feel like a million bucks. That’s a feeling your competitors may not be able to match.



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