When the time comes to look for senior housing, so many options are available, from independent care to assisted living, from affordable to luxury apartments.

Reasons for moving to senior-friendly apartments vary and can include going through a divorce, becoming financially unable to continue making payments on a mortgage, death or relocation of relatives or friends, needing emotional support, desiring more close-to-home social activities, selling a home to free up equity or just a desire to be rid of home and garden maintenance.

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If you feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the options, just learning what all of your choices are can help you decide what the right senior apartment is for you or a loved one. Most adults 55 years old and up will want to look into two types of senior living communities: independent living and assisted living.

Independent Living
These communities usually have a wide range of recreational and social activities and are designed for independent seniors who can live on their own but desire a secure, community-oriented environment. They offer little or no health services, such as on-site pharmacies or nursing care, but they have a variety of services on the campus, such as laundry facilities, transportation or cafeterias. Some of these villages have age restrictions (typically 55-plus), and some don’t. Some independent living complexes have constant planned events, such as socials, group outings and exercise classes, and others offer minimal activities.

To select the right independent living community, ask your loved one or determine for yourself how active and social you want to be in your new space. Do you crave the quiet of retirement, want non-stop activities or a combination of both? If you’re going to sell your car, find a place that has access to transportation or is in walking distance to grocery stores, shopping venues, post offices and similar businesses. If your health is generally good, an independent living apartment is perfect.

Assisted Living
Assisted living facilities combine housing, personalized support services and healthcare. They are for those who need some assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, some medication assistance and dressing, but for the most part, are able to function on their own. Assisted living apartments usually include meals, some housekeeping and laundry services, but do not provide the skilled medical care provided in a nursing home.

In choosing an assisted living facility, you must determine if you need assistance with medications, as the regulations on that differ from state to state. If you are healthy but only require assistance with routine daily activities, assisted living communities are ideal for you.

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