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Why move if you already love your apartment? Don’t wait until the last minute to renew your apartment lease. If you act early, you reduce stress and improve your options to make a lease agreement that meets your needs.

This apartment lease checklist will walk you through the basic steps of renewing a lease.

  • Mark your calendar with important dates. You need to know when your lease is up. Look at your copy of the lease and note the termination date. Mark this date on your calendar.
  • Read your lease carefully. When do you need to notify your apartment manager of your decision to renew your lease or move out? Do you need to notify them 30 or 60 days in advance? Mark that date on your calendar, as well.
  • Talk to your apartment manager. Before the deadline to renew or terminate your lease, talk to your landlord or apartment community manager about your options. Is your rental rate changing? Can you move to another unit in the same community? Do you need to add/remove a roommate? Do you want reasonable upgrades made to the apartment? These can all be negotiated, and make sure to ask for any agreements made to be made in writing.
  • Make a decision. Once you have all this information, you can make an informed decision. Decide if you want to renew your apartment lease, giving yourself time to really think about it, but staying aware of the dates you found at the beginning of this process.
  • Write a letter. Once your decision is made, submit a letter to your apartment management team, informing them of your decision. If you negotiated any special arrangements with your apartment manager, include this information and any supporting documents, keeping a copy for yourself.
  • Read your new lease. If you’ve decided to renew, you’ll be asked to sign a new lease. This will reflect any change in terms and designate the period of the new agreement (one or two years, or month to month, for instance.) Read the new lease carefully, making sure you’re comfortable with the language and that any new arrangements are actually accounted for in the lease. If something isn’t written down in the lease, it’s not going to be legally binding, so you want to make sure everything is in there.
  • Sign your new lease. Once you have thoroughly read the new apartment lease and are comfortable with the terms, sign it to make things official. An official apartment community representative will sign it, as well.

If you take all the time and steps necessary, apartment lease renewal can be a breeze. At the end of the process, you can rest assured that the apartment lease decision was all yours!




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