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With their sloppy kisses, exuberant playing and unconditional love, our dogs spoil us every day. So why not repay the favor and spend some time pampering your pup? Of course, some methods for making your pooch feel like royalty can be pricey (such as a visit to a pet salon), but there are also lots of reasonable options. So, reserve some one-on-one time with your pooch and browse the list below to find the perfect way to spoil the most important canine in your life.


Visit Friends (Or Make New Ones)
If your pup loves people and other dogs, plan a play date with a friend who also has a non-human best friend.  Bring toys and make the date extra long, so your dog has plenty of time to run and bond. You could also take your pup to a dog park or pet-friendly area to meet new playmates. Just remember, most parks require your dog to be at least four months old, not in heat and up to date on all vaccinations, including Bordetella. Also, make sure you bring water in case none is available.

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New Toys
Instead of buying dog food at the grocery store, take your dog with you to your local pet store, and pick out a toy for him or her. See if the store will let you and Fido try out a few to find his or her favorite. If you’re feeling really generous, pick up a bag of treats, too.

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Spa Day
If your dog is in desperate need of a bath, take the time to make it feel just like the relaxing, hot shower you look forward to every day. Of course, many dogs don’t like to be wet, but if you make sure to massage the skin while washing and keep water out of your pup’s eyes, he or she just may warm up to the notion. After washing, dry your dog with a fluffy towel and brush him or her gently. If your dog simply isn’t a good bather, take him or her to a pet salon, where a bath and brushing also includes treats and interaction with other doggy friends.

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Create a Puppy Office
Sometimes you’re just too busy to put life or work on hold to treat your puppy to a long walk or an hour of playtime. But instead of banishing him or her to another room, create a puppy space next to your desk or where you work from home. Lay a bed, water, toys and bones next to your seat and allow your dog to “work” with you. If possible, let your puppy into your lap some of the time, too.

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Get Down on Her (Or His) Level
When you get home from a long day, your first inclination is to sit on your sofa and mellow out. Your puppy, though, has missed you. So instead of sitting on the couch, move to the floor and play or cuddle. Toss him the ball (gently) around your living room. Or let her curl up in your lap. Your pup will love the close attention.

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