How to Pack a Picnic

Headed out to an outdoor pops concert or a fireworks display this 4th of July and wondering how to pack a picnic? Let us show you what to pack for a picnic on your special all-American celebration.

Start with the Essentials

Every picnic needs a few basics regardless of time of day or occasion. Gather these picnic essentials:
• A Picnic Basket
• A Blanket
• Silverware
• Napkins
• Dishes & Cups
• Clean-Up Wipes
• A Trash Bag

4th of July picnic
Little touches – like holiday themed plates and napkins – set a festive mood.

Picnic Food and Beverages

Good edibles are obviously important, but on a picnic you want to make sure they are easily portable and mess-free.
• Keep foods simple and easy to handle. Lean towards finger foods.
• Choose light and refreshing edibles. Remember it’s hot outside and no one wants a heavy meal. A variety of fruit is always a good option.
• Consider salads in a jar, sandwiches, a cheese spread, or just desserts, if you want a “sweet” theme.
• Bring cold beverages. One alcoholic and one non-alcoholic is a good mix. You don’t want to get dehydrated while enjoying your outdoor adventure.

Pack beverages for your picnic
Safely remove a cork while holding the cork tight and slowly unscrewing it.

Packing and Serving Tips

Keep these tips in mind as you choose what to pack for your picnic.
• Pack your picnic in Tupperware and other sealable containers. Mason jars make for a pretty container and they’re also easy to handle.
• Plan ahead for the utensils you’ll need, based on what foods you serve. If you take a cheese plate, be sure to include a knife and cutting board. If you’re packing wine, don’t forget a bottle opener!
• Bring some bug repellant and sunscreen.
• Make your picnic festive for the occasion. Bring along some pretty flowers or choose serving pieces in a red, white, and blue theme for the 4th.
• Battery-operated candles are a nice touch and will provide a little light after it gets dark. A flashlight might also be handy for getting back to the car.
• Consider packing your own sparklers for simple, inexpensive fireworks fun of your own.
• Recyclables will allow you to carry less stuff home. Most parks offer recycling containers near the trashcans.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy the evening! Happy 4th of July!

Photos by Katherine Medlin



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