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How to Organize Your Bathroom
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Your bathroom is one of the smaller spaces in your apartment, but it also is home to many items. From toiletries to shower supplies to cleaning supplies and medicine, your bathroom holds it all. A bathroom can become disorganized quickly, but with a few steps, you can get your bathroom organized in no time. Here’s how.

Start with your drawers. Take everything out of your drawers. Separate the items you want to keep from the items you want to toss. If some of the items have been collecting dust, it’s time to throw those items away. Use a cosmetic organizer or small boxes for your cosmetics. Place the organizer or boxes into your drawers.

Next, check your cabinets. Similar to the last step, take everything out from under your bathroom sinks. Throw away anything you do not use. Add storage shelves to this area of your bathroom to maximize the space. Use this for small items such as soaps, perfume/cologne, shampoos, etc. Add hooks to this to hang brushes, sponges or towels. If you have a hairdryer that seems to get in the way, use an over-the-door cabinet organizer to organize your styling tools and products. Another idea for this space is to add a lazy Susan under the sink for easy access to your products.

Shower/tub. There are several options to organize your shower. There are shower caddies that fit over the door of your shower or ones that fit over the shower head. Place items such as shampoo, wash cloths and body wash on the caddy. This will clear up shower space and give off the appearance of organization.

Another option to organize your shower/tub is to use a shower dispenser. This will remove the clutter of your shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles. It fits flat on the wall and it dispenses your shampoo with a push of a button.

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Add extra shelving for more space. Often times, the space over your toilet is wasted space. Adding a shelving unit or shelves on the walls will add much needed additional storage space in your bathroom. If towel space is needed in your bathroom, install a two-tier shelf with towel bars. It has shelves for extra towels for your guests, and it has a shelf for miscellaneous products such as cotton swabs, cotton balls, lotions, hair brushes, etc. There is also an extra towel rack.

Countertops. Now that you’re done organizing the rest of your bathroom, it’s time to focus on your counters. When possible, keep your counters clear to reduce the potential for clutter. Use this 5-in-1 toothbrush holder for your toothbrush, toothpaste and hand soap/lotion. If you keep your jewelry on your counter, use a clear organizer tower to jeep your jewelry organized and in one place.

Miscellaneous. Keep your cotton swabs together with a holder. For your rolls of toilet paper, use a hanging over-the-toilet tank holder. Be sure to keep extra basic toiletries such as soap, shampoo, lotion, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. for your guests. Keep these items in a clear, plastic storage bin for easy access. This can be placed in your cabinet or in a drawer. Use plastic hooks in your bathroom for bath robes, towels, etc.

A simple task to keep your bathroom organized and clean is to clean up and pick up after yourself daily. This will prevent clutter from forming and will be less stressful for you.




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