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You may be Mr. or Ms. Responsible. The idea of getting locked out couldn't possibly happen to you, could it? That is, until it happens. No problem, though. You know exactly where that spare key is. It's just a few feet away! Behind that locked door… inside your apartment. You know, the one that's locked.


Getting locked out of your apartment is a fact of life, and something that your apartment manager and maintenance crew will be all too familiar with. Depending on your lease, there could be a wait for the call out or even a charge to replace your keys or unlock your door. So where did you go wrong? Here's our guide for keeping you freak-out-free for the next key-loss situation:

Appoint a keymaster

No, we're not making a Ghostbuster's crack. Your keymaster is essentially someone — ideally nearby — that can hold on to a spare copy of your apartment key. Pick someone you trust — a lot. You may even be able to return the favor by holding on to a spare key for them.


Have the knowledge

There's nothing worse than not being able to get a hold of who you need during an emergency. If you're locked out, you'll want to ensure that you have easy access to important numbers such as your building manager, a local locksmith, the apartment maintenance line and even the non-emergency police line.

Really think about where you were going to hide that key

Thought about getting one of those clever fake rocks to hide your key outside? How about under the welcome mat? Nobody will ever look there! These are far too predictable. It's better to have a key in a secure place than attempt to hide it outside somewhere to save a few minutes and/or bucks.

Keep a spare key on you

Sounds too easy, doesn't it? However, having a key sewn to the inside of your bag inside a secret pocket or tucked away inside your smartphone's case (see below) can be a real lifesaver when it looks like you've misplaced your full set of keys.
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Make the locksmith the last resort

Though calling the locksmith might seem like the quickest solution, it can oftentimes take awhile for them to arrive. Additionally, if it's after hours you'll be looking at a premium price. Add that to potential damage that could be caused getting in, and you're looking at a hefty spend.

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