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The apartment lifestyle affords those who live it many luxuries. Alas, custom bathrooms are not among them – which means that parents looking to create a kid-friendly bathroom environment have to get creative. The nice part is that apartment bathrooms – even if you live there for years – can be updated as your children grow, their needs change and their tastes mature! Below, a few kids’ bathroom ideas that solve problems and allow for their development over time.

Short stuff

Confession: the “average” counter heights are actually too tall for some adults (ahem, this means me). Petite people – children and/or adults – dealing with high counters end up taking impromptu baths each time they want to wash their face. Rather than get your kids in the habit of shirtless face-washing (not that there’s anything wrong with that), invest in a step stool that can collapse to stow easily out of sight. Use it to add a splash of color and turn that generic neutral apartment bathroom into something that suits your kids’ personalities! Bonus: these will come in handy long after your kid needs them to brush his/her teeth.

The reach

Place everything from tooth and hair care products to first aid materials can allow child independence in a kid-friendly bathroom without worry about them getting into something they shouldn’t. For wee ones, placing the higher-risk items on the highest shelf in the medicine cabinet is should be enough. Child-proof locks on specific cabinets keep the scrubbing bubbles off the menu while open access to others means your kids can be autonomous with their bathroom habits (assuming you feel they’re up to that task!).

Reading room

Got a little one who’s in the toilet-training zone? A low-profile magazine rack can easily hold thin children’s books (Suggestion: “Everybody Poops,” “Big Girl Panties” and “Dinosaur Vs. The Potty”) that not only boost interest in reading, but getting on the “potty train” – and eventually a redistribution of your diaper budget! You can either move it later on to an adult reading area or create one right there in the throne room with a mix of kids’ and grown-ups’ magazines.

Be crafty

Plenty of us can spend hours adding to our home décor pinterest pages. We’re well aware we won’t be dropping $1,500 on a rustic Indonesian dining room table fashioned from reclaimed railroad ties anytime soon. But you don’t actually have to spend Pottery Barn Kids money to get the same effect. There are all kinds of materials out there – mason jars and ribbon and cork, chalk and wood blocks – you name it. Invest a few bucks in a glue gun and let the Internet be your guide to a fabulous, kid-friendly bathroom! Customize toothbrush/toothpaste holders, create beautiful wall hangings, construct your own shelving and customize your switch plates.


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