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A study space needs to have the perfect location and encourage relaxation and thought. Does your study space meet those requirements?


If it doesn’t, or if you don’t have a designated space for studying at all, you can easily create one in your home. A quiet, organized corner may just be the ticket to earning better grades this semester.

First, find a section of your apartment or house that is away from combined living spaces. If you have an extra bedroom, that would be the perfect place to study. If not, clear out a corner of your own bedroom that’s on a wall farthest from the noise of the kitchen or living room television.

Next, free that space from distractions. If you have a television in your room, move it so your back is to it while you’re in your study space. Move busy posters to another wall.

You may want to paint your room a color that encourages you to concentrate or relax. Cool colors like blue, purple and green promote peacefulness and balance, unlike “active” colors like yellow, red or orange.

Make a Study Space in Your Home
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Of course, if you’re going to have a good study space, you’ll need a desk, and you’ll probably be limited by the size of your study area. Consider a wall-mounted desk, a fold-out desk, a simple desk with a wall-mounted hutch or a lightweight desk with a drawer.

Make your study area a place you’ll want to be. Purchase a mouse pad with a wrist rest, and consider a wrist rest for your keyboard. Make sure the height of your desk aligns well with your chair, and try to find a comfortable used desk chair (as they can be quite expensive).

Stock your desk with the items you’ll need, but don’t clutter it. Just a few pens, pencils, a notepad, dictionary, thesaurus and calculator are probably all you need. You may also want to purchase an anti-glare screen filter, which reduces glare and eyestrain.

Finally, turn off the television, and vow to check social media pages once an hour to avoid distraction. Now you’re ready to make all As.




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