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How to Make a Long-Distance Apartment Search

Have you landed a new job opportunity on the other side of the country? Maybe you find yourself scrambling to find an apartment on a tight turnaround.

Even though conducting an apartment search is not always an easy task – especially long-distance — there are some sure-fire ways to cut down on the accompanying stress and worry.

Check out a few tips to help you navigate the process of a cross-country apartment search.

Use the Internet to research
Reputable online sites can provide a wealth of information on cities with which you are unfamiliar. Check out sites which allow apartment researchers to develop a preliminary idea of where they would like to live. By carefully sifting through the available information, apartment seekers can learn quite a bit about what’s relevant to their search — stats like safety statistics, walkability ratings, school rankings and lifestyle information, for instance. Some apartment community sites also allow prospective renters to take virtual tours from the comfort of their own home.

Start your search with ApartmentGuide.com. We make apartment searching simpler and more efficient by sharing apartments available in practically any corner of the country. Search by details including price range, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, and distance within certain neighborhoods, for instance. Our apartment listings typically include high-def photos that really make apartment communities come alive on-screen, whether you are searching via your desktop, laptop or smartphone.

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Work your networks
Sometimes, a successful long-distance rental search is aided by strong social networking skills. Why not ask friends and relatives who live in the new area to take a look at certain apartment properties for you, once you’ve identified a few top candidates? Try posting messages on community forums for some valuable feedback from locals. The Better Business Bureau and sites like Yelp.com are other resources which keep track of feedback about specific apartment communities.

Take a weekend to fly out
Once you’ve developed a short list of the apartment communities which intrigue you the most, you might want to fly out to the destination city for a few days. It’s a commonly-held belief that you really should check out a property in person before you commit to a year-long lease. Making the scene in person helps lower your anxiety and can head off potential problems. When you have done preliminary research, you can visit several communities in one day or weekend. Staying at a friend’s house can cut down on travel expenses, if you have that option.

Time the search appropriately
Keep in mind that certain college towns and busy urban areas may not have specific units open until much closer to move-in dates. When you are looking to move into such a community, your strategic search may need to be flexible.

Have your questions ready
Before you visit, have your list of specific questions and concerns in hand. Consider in advance the amenities you would like to have available to you so you can describe your specific wishes in detail. You are most likely to be pleased with the results when you do so.

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