Track your leads to help you grow your business.

Sometimes prospective tenants seem to materialize right in front of you. Every one of them found their way through a specific point of contact, however, and it’s up to you to discover what it was.

Tracking where your leads come from will help you build a successful strategy that turns more of your marketing and outreach into lease agreements — time after time, tenant after tenant.

Ask a simple question

Tenants might come to you from visits to your Web site, a newsletter, a phone call, a social media post or an advertisement. Apartment renters can be a very social group—especially students and young professionals—and word of mouth is an important way for you to develop leads.

When you make contact with an interested tenant, ask where she heard about the apartment. If it was through a non-digital source, ask if they ever use online resources to search for apartments. If the resource used was digital, ask the opposite. Understanding the different types of resources an individual will use when looking for an apartment will help you better focus your marketing strategy.

Let technology do the footwork

Advances in tracking software and applications have revolutionized a landlord or property manager’s ability to keep track of lead sources. Rental professionals who advertise via, for instance, can track their leads via Other tools include Google Analytics, which can help you discover where your Web visitors are traveling from. Other third-party software includes RentSentinel, a content management and posting tool that also provides detailed traffic reports.

For call tracking, services such as CallSource can both track your calls (by assigning unique toll-free numbers to each number source) and manage the leads they generate.

Keep your leads organized

Whether you use an application like Salesforce, some other lead-organizing software, or a service that does it for you, your lead-tracking data needs to be recorded immediately and acted upon. If you organize lead data yourself, be certain to keep your records current so that you are integrating newly-captured addresses, e-mails and phone numbers into your next campaign.

Make sure that you attempt to understand the reasons why some marketing channels worked and others weren’t as successful. Maybe the medium is sound, but the message wasn’t crafted properly, for instance.

Work fast

Timing is everything, so don’t delay when you get a lead. Also, be sure to reply via the same method that your potential used—e-mail to e-mail, phone to phone, etc.

You’ll also want to use your hard-won data to rework your marketing strategy on the go. Are you getting a flood of leads from a recent Facebook post? Put more of your efforts into social media. If a phone number posted on a new billboard ad is getting a lot of attention, you are definitely on to something. Keep your marketing momentum going by increasing resources to what is working for you now, while also exploring (less aggressively) new avenues you may not have tried yet.

Leads are what makes any business run and must be treated like gold. Don’t leave the source of your prospective apartment tenants a mystery. Find out which marketing methods are delivering the most potential renters and make them work even better for you in the future.



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