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With post-holiday season sales (and the Super Bowl) on the horizon, now is a great time to consider purchasing a new TV! Whether you find a deal online, or receive one as a holiday gift, you’ll want to unpack and start watching your new television as soon as possible.

Not only do flat panel televisions look great, their thin profiles make them relatively easy to mount on a wall. Hanging your TV will save space and keep it well out of a baby or toddler’s reach in case you need to baby-proof your entertainment area.

Here are a few tips to properly hang your new TV in your apartment and hide those pesky wires.

Step 1: Unpack
Unpack your television, including cables, brackets, remotes and all related documents. Keep the television in its protective wrapping, and place it face down on a flat surface covered with a blanket.

Step 2: Attach Brackets
Attach the brackets to the back of the TV with the hardware supplied. Be sure to select the right size screws for the holes on the TV.

Step 3: Mark your TV’s Location
When selecting a location to hang your TV, remember that televisions are best viewed at or just above eye level. In order to hide the cables, choose a location where wires can easily connect from their source to the television. When you’ve chosen your location, draw an outline of the television on the wall with a pencil and a straight edge. You’ll also want to hang your TV near a power outlet. For a cleaner look, install a new outlet directly behind the TV.

Step 4: Attach the Wall Mount
If a wall mount did not come with your TV, be sure to purchase one that will bear the full weight of your television. Consider an articulated wall mount if you want to swivel the TV, or extend it from the wall.
To keep your television secure, install your wall mount directly into a pair of studs in the wall. If the screws are planted into drywall alone, your television is more likely to fall off and break. Using a stud finder, locate two studs within the television outline. Mark the outside edges and the centers of each stud. Use a level to make sure the wall mount is aligned evenly on the wall, and then drill the holes. Finally, attach the mount to the wall using the included hardware.

Step 5: Hide the Wires
Cut a hole in the wall just below the bracket to feed the wires through using a drill and utility knife. Be sure you know the diameter of the hole you need (the size will change depending on how many items you are hooking up and how many cords you have) so that the hole is completely obstructed by the TV once it is hung.

Feed the cable directly through the bracket and the wall hole.

Cut another hole where the cables need to exit the wall. You may wish to conceal the exit point later with a plant or piece of furniture.

Attach all cables to the TV and feed them through the first hole you cut as you move the TV closer to the wall and mount it. Ask a friend to help you lift the TV and guide the cables. Once the TV is mounted onto the wall portion of the bracket, the cables should be visible through the second hole. Reach in with your finger and pull out the cables. Connect them to a power source, and you’re ready to watch your new TV!

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