Avoid flower shock by keeping in mind these tips and tricks for doing floral decor.

With temperatures rising all across the nation, it couldn’t be any clearer that spring is officially here. Warmer weather means longer days and the chance to get outside for the first time after a cold, lengthy winter. If you’re on top of your game, you’ve most likely done your spring cleaning already, which means that your home might be ready for a makeover. You might find yourself wanting to commemorate the coming of spring in your interior décor, too.

Decorating with florals is a hot new trend, but it’s tricky to master the art of floral décor without overdoing it. Luckily, with a few tips and tricks and keeping in mind some things to avoid, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate florals into your room’s existing décor.

No Limits—Just Keep It Balanced

It’s important to keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating with florals, other than to keep it balanced by not overdoing it. The key is to limit the amount of florals to a few key elements in the room. So if you have a floral chair in your living room, pair it with a couple of throw pillows that are more neutral to showcase the floral element without becoming too busy. Or spruce up a boxy, dark-colored couch with a simple flower patterned lampshade or square throw pillow. Choose a simple floral rug to tie the room together.

Mix and Match

When decorating with floral prints, it’s important to match existing common accent colors in the room when mixing in floral elements, or at least keep in mind complementary colors. For example, pink or red flowers might look good next to white, grey or pale yellow, but stay away from other bright colors like blues and purples. Offset a particularly flowery piece with something decidedly non-floral, like a blocky coffee table or a vintage lamp.

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Go Modern

One way to avoid a tacky, cluttered look when decorating with florals is to avoid the “old granny” look of some floral designs by taking a more modern route. Choose decorative floral elements in bold, unexpected monochromatic colors like white or black to really make things pop, like these black and white floral vases or this black and tan upholstery fabric, that makes florals look stylish and sophisticated. You can also utilize larger, more graphic prints to give a more modern feel, like these botanical prints, which also look great framed and bring a nice modern element into your interior decor.

Traditional, Not Tacky

If you gravitate toward the more traditional floral designs, all is not lost. You can still incorporate more feminine, whimsical elements into your interior décor without overdoing it. Choose traditional floral wallpaper for a smaller room, like a study or bathroom, but only use wallpaper on a single wall and keep the rest of the décor minimal to avoid flower shock. Choose traditional prints in more muted, vintage-inspired colors rather than gaudy, bright colors to tame the floral feel.

Size Matters

Make sure to keep in mind size and scale when decorating with floral pieces, as well as what you’re going to use the decorative element for. If you’re thinking about upholstering a piece of furniture or decorating with floral wallpaper, a print that contains one large floral element repeated a few times might look better in your space than a print that contains small flowers repeated many times. But on a smaller scale, such as a lampshade, pillow or decorative napkin, tiny flowers stand out without feeling overwhelming.

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