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The awkward space on the top of your refrigerator is often overlooked and underutilized. With the right approach, it can be an amazing storage space and add to your home decor at the same time.

If you're living in an apartment, especially a smaller one, you know storage space can often be a premium. Listed below are a few ideas to strategically decorate the top of your refrigerator.

Shop your house

Before heading out to pick up new items to decorate the top of your refrigerator, shop around your house first. You'd be surprised what odds and ends you can find that can have a nice visual appeal when put together and free up some space in other parts of your home.

Unless you're nearly six feet tall, the top of your refrigerator is not exactly the easiest place to get to. When you're picking items to store on the top of your refrigerator pick ones you don't use regularly.

Bottles of wine, vases and cook books could all be great options to add to the top of your refrigerator, and may only need an accent piece here and there to pull them together cohesively.

When you're adding decor elements to the top of your refrigerator, pick ones that have height. Because your refrigerator is tall, adding items with height like milk jugs, cutting boards or large mason jars will make the space appear more balanced.


Spice up storage

There are so many appealing storage solutions if you want to secretly tuck away odds and ends on the top of your fridge. Vases, jugs and storage boxes will both hide your items, and provide an interesting visual.

Look for items with a pop of color, interesting texture or a unique design. Select opaque versus clear options if you want to keep things out of sight. Heading to a flea market or antique store can be a fun activity to find some interesting pieces at a lower price.

If you have cupboard doors behind your fridge or want to make it easier to bring down multiple items at once, look for a decorative tray or box to place your items on or in. A beautiful wicker or rattan tray or a distressed wood box will add a chic appearance to the top of your refrigerator with the bonus of function.

You can easily DIY this by grabbing a wood crate from a hardware store and painting it any color you want to match your kitchen.

Go green

When in doubt, greenery always adds a fresh and pulled-together appearance in a room. If your kitchen has good lighting, you could add a live plant. Or opt for fake plants if it's on the darker side. A full, low light plant like a fern can help to fill out your space nicely, and a slim vase with a few branches of eucalyptus or palm tree leaves could accent a smaller space well.

Decorating the top of your refrigerator in a functional way can both add to your decor and double as a unique storage solution. Try out some of these ideas to make the most of the awkward space on the top of your refrigerator!



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