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Sometimes, cleaning your house seems like it takes all day.. However, a few basic tips and tricks can not only save you time but also create a spotless living space. Whether you have unexpected guests coming, a get together just ended or you just need to create a more organized and tidy space, read on for our tips and shortcuts to speed clean your apartment.


First, you’ll need cleaning supplies, but just because you’re cleaning different surfaces in various rooms doesn’t mean you need a different cleaning product for each room. Grab an all-purpose, multi-surface cleaning spray, glass cleaner, paper towels, a sponge, a garbage bag, a duster, a vacuum and a Swiffer.

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Living Room

If items in this space belong in different rooms, place them in a container. This will save you time from running between rooms to place items. Next, focus on the couch. Brush off the cushions of pet hair, food crumbs and dust. Check behind the cushions for any items, and then replace the cushions and fluff the pillows. Next, dust the coffee table, and then neatly stack the items on the table. Toss old magazines, and neatly arrange up-to-date magazines, as well as books. Finally, run a vacuum through the space. Remember, this is for a quick clean. Save moving the furniture for when you have more time.

Get Your Space Cleaned Up in a Hurry


Gather all your dirty clothes and place in a hamper. Worry about sorting later when you do the laundry. If you have clean clothes that aren’t put away, go ahead and rehang or refold the items and put the items away. Place all trash, including old magazines, papers, etc. in a trashcan. Sort through your closet later when you have more time. Next, make the bed. The room will just look cleaner with this simple step. Straighten surfaces, including your nightstand, desk and shelves. You don’t have time to sort through everything, but if you have items that don’t seem to belong, place them in a bin to go through later. Similar to the living room, run a vacuum through the space.

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Place dirty clothing and used towels in a hamper. Next, place all trash in the trashcan. Then wipe down the counters, sink and tub using the disinfectant cleaning spray. For the toilet, use a toilet brush and cleaner. Scrub the inside of the toilet. Use the cleaning spray for the outside of the toilet. Next, use a glass cleaner to wipe down the mirror. Return items to where they belong. Again, sort through your items at a later date when you have more time. For now, make sure your bathroom is presentable to guests. Then sweep the floor.

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First, place items belonging in other rooms in a container to go through later. Next, clear your countertops and cupboards of trash. For dirty dishes, wash by hand or load the dishwasher. If the plates have stuck-on residue, fill the sink with warm, soapy water and allow the plates to soak for a few minutes while completing your other kitchen chores. Once the dishes are taken care of, wipe down your sink, countertops and appliances. Sweep or mop the floor. To finish, take out the trash.




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