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Sometimes it seems there are so many details to consider when choosing an apartment that it's hard to hone in on a final decision. There are many angles that might make one new apartment seem more appealing to you than another.


Read on for our some guidelines on how to channel your second-guessing toward choosing a great apartment.

Search carefully
The first step in choosing the right apartment is to search in the right way. Be sure that you record the details of the apartments you visit in a binder that contains all of the property’s stats, your notes, photos and answers from the landlord on whatever questions you have.

Know your priorities — and stick to them!
The most important aspect in making a choice is knowing what is really important to you. By putting your apartment priorities down on paper, you’ll know what to keep in mind during your search. Considerations may include location, how much rent you can afford and the type of apartment you’d prefer. When you’re ready to choose an apartment, consult your priority list, note how the contenders match up and narrow your choices to a very few.

Get a second opinion
If you are looking for a new apartment with a roommate, your task may be easier as you’ll have someone to evaluate your choices with. If you are conducting an apartment search solo, on the other hand, you may need to call in some reinforcements. Bringing a friend or family member along is always a good idea, or you can tag a trusted person to go over the notes and photos from your hunt to help you decide.

Choosing the right apartment feels like such a weighty decision: what if you choose the wrong one and feel stuck in an unhappy situation? Though you can’t control every variable of life in your new apartment, you can be as careful in your selection as possible. Use your instincts to guide your direction, but remain clear-headed about what you want and need and you’ll likely determine the best apartment choice for you.




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