Paint Samples for a Home Color Scheme

Want a home with spaces that flow? Want your decor to feel more cohesive? Then you need to implement a home color scheme! Selecting a color palette for your whole home will create a more harmonious flow between the rooms with decor that feels coordinated. This is the best decorating solution for a chaotic feeling space that incorporates multiple styles, mismatched furnishings, or an overload of color.

Get Started

Color Scheme for Your ApartmentTo start pick 4-6 colors that you will use throughout your entire home in the decor and furnishings and on the walls (if you can paint).  Choose 1 or 2 saturated colors, 1 subdued version of these colors, 1 or 2 neutrals, and a white.  If you love color, it can be hard to limit your self but remember your ultimate goal – a home with flowing spaces and cohesive decor!

As you choose your palette consider color theory and how you want your space to feel. Calm and spa like? Try a monochromatic or analogous color scheme in cool colors. Bold and modern? Experiment with complementary or monochromatic palettes.  Romantic and vintage? Opt for a triad scheme with warm accents.  Also consider different inspirations such as a designer whose work you admire, a specific fabric, or work of art.  Be sure you pick colors you love and that coordinate with elements in your home you cannot easily change like carpet or kitchen countertops.

Need help selecting your colors? Try a home color scheme worksheet!

Buy Your Supplies

Once you narrow your colors and have a general palette worked out, head to your local paint center even if you can’t or don’t want to paint.  Start pulling the colors that you’ve decided on using for your home color scheme and simply play with them. Make different combinations.  Try going up or down a shade. Take the paint chips home and look at them with your current decor and furnishings.  This will help you decide on specific colors to use for your saturated and harmonious colors as well as your neutral(s) and white.

Five Tips to Implement Your New Color Scheme

Now for the really fun part – implementing your home color scheme!  It can feel a bit daunting at first, but try these 5 tips to achieve your color dreams:

  1. Survey your house and write a wish list – Walk around and ask yourself what you already own that will work well with the new scheme?  What doesn’t work?  Can you move these objects around to make more of an impact? Start a running wish list of décor and furniture you want to add to your home that matches the new colors.
  2. Make a home color scheme reference guide – Take those paint chips you selected from your earlier trip and glue them on a piece of paper.  In the margins make notes about where and how you want to use these colors.  Take your reference guide with you when you go shopping.  This way your color scheme is at your fingertips when making decisions about your home decor.
  3. Create a mood board – solidify your color scheme and decorating ideas with a design board or collage.  You can do an e-version or a physical version with a poster board.  Get on Pinterest!  Create a whole new board devoted to this color scheme and the items from your wish list.
  4. Accessorize – Buying new home decor accessories will probably be one of the easiest and cheapest ways to implement your new home color scheme, especially if you are not ready to paint or remodel.  New accessories in the colors you want to start using will act like bright color accents in the room and draw your eye, so add some throw pillows or a new piece of art in your new colors.
  5. Make a dramatic change – To really have an impact in your home decor make 2 or 3 big changes.  Depending on your budget and whether you own or rent, you could paint the walls, re-upholster furniture, change the flooring, and or add new curtains. Rugs and curtains anchor and frame the room, so these can be dramatic ways to implement your home color scheme without remodeling.

What do you think of our home color scheme tips? Which ones do you think you’ll use in your apartment? Show us your color scheme with pictures and comments below!



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