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hosting Christmas

Opening your home to others for Christmas can be daunting. For one, hosting Christmas is particularly stressful because there is the added pressure to make the holiday special and memorable. Just remember: hospitality is about showing your love and care for your guests. Make them feel welcome and comfortable, then no matter what goes wrong, they'll appreciate your effort and kindness.

To insure a little holiday magic and cheery atmosphere, you need to carefully plan ahead. Apartment Guide has put together a helpful checklist to help you host Christmas with flair:

Plan Your Menu

• This is the time to get out special recipes and make festive foods that really feel like Christmas
• Compile your grocery list in advance and shop early
• Do as much meal prep ahead of time as possible
• Accept help from your guests when hosting Christmas

Clean & Decorate Your House

• Nothing says Christmas like a beautifully decorated tree, lots of twinkle lights, and a merry table setting
• Pull out your best china and silver to make the meal feel special
• Deep clean entertaining areas and any guest bedrooms you will use
• Add touches like candles and throw blankets to create a cozy atmosphere, and if you have a fire place light a fire

Think Through the Evening

• When hosting Christmas, it is important to have an agenda for the evening no matter how loose
• Know when you want to serve dinner and then let the rest of the events fall around that
• Don’t forget to plan some entertainment whether it’s carols around the piano, a fun card game, or dancing
• Consider how clean up will work and what to do with leftovers

Arrange for Gift Exchanges

• Decide in advance whether this party or dinner involves giving gifts and let your guests know
• You can do something jolly like a white elephant or simple like secret Santa
• As the host it is always a nice gesture to give a party favor, and at this time of year a small ornament is a great idea

Prepare for the Unexpected

• Make a few contingency plans if the roast is too dry or the pie burns (warm some stock to re-moisten and buy a back up dessert)
• Be ready for that guest that over indulges
• Stock your medicine cabinet in case of a minor injury or upset stomach
• Use tact and grace to resolve bad manners or awkward situations that pop up during the holidays

Let your hospitality shine this holiday season and host Christmas with confidence and flair!



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