Rule number one of video game parties: Make sure you have enough controllers for everyone.

Make sure your next apartment party’s got game by hosting a cool video game party for your friends. Sharing game play can be a real ice breaker when party participants are familiar with the games and have their own specialty moves and expertise.

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Is it geeky? Perhaps … but if everyone’s having a great time, do you really care?

Here are some tips on how to set up interactive games in your apartment. We also suggest some of the game technology that may be most popular for a party. Game on!

Multiplayer madness

Game geeks who love MMOGs (massively multiplayer online games) don’t have to stay home to be social. Simply host a party at your apartment where everyone brings their laptops and huddles around for some head-to-head World of Warcraft action. (If you’ve ever seen “The Big Bang Theory,” you know what we mean.) Just be sure to take a snack and drink break every once in a while — and don’t let your game go on for more than 97 hours.

Watch me, watch me!

Video game console play is another smart strategy for your video game party. If you are playing a sport like Madden Football, make sure you have enough controllers for everyone. Often the better choice is to choose a game that is interactive, but also fun to watch. Wii Sports games like bowling, tennis and baseball allow a lot of players to get in on the action.

Nearly everyone likes music, so why not break out a video game like Dance Dance Revolution for Xbox 360 or Rock Band for your Playstation. Just make sure you’ve cleared enough space for your guests to show off their moves without doing serious damage to your furniture.

Old school tournament

If you are an old-school gamer with a passion for vintage gaming consoles like the Atari 2600, then toss a few bean bags on the floor and get a Pong tournament underway. Folks who miss their old arcade days can bring back the magic by renting a classic arcade game like Ms. Pac-Man. And you can score some retro gaming fun with the Atari Anthology for PlayStation. Look out: asteroids ahead!

Snack attack

Hours of shooting down your best buddies and out-dancing your girlfriends will work up an appetite. Don’t let your party gamers go hungry! Lock and load with video game-themed snacks like Pac-Man cookies or Space Invaders cupcakes. Wash it all down with a Sonic the Hedgehog cocktail!

Interactive video game competition is a great apartment party theme that sets the stage for a memorable, good time for your guests. And you can always keep losers appeased with the promise of a rematch at another party soon!

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