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Don’t leave off a strategy for packing your moving truck until you’re half-way through the job. For a smooth and safe relocation, arm yourself with these helpful packing tips before you begin to load up the truck.

Stage your stuff

It makes sense to do a walk-through an hour or so before you begin loading, queuing items and boxes in the order you’d like them to go into the truck.


Assemble your moving gear

Include furniture pads and straps on your moving inventory list, as well as a hand truck to help you move heavy objects. Before the truck arrives, wrap mattresses and box springs in large plastic bags, secure mirrors and framed wall art in special cardboard boxes, and prepare the appliances you need to move.

Load heavier items first

Plan to load large appliances, like refrigerators and larger pieces of furniture, into the truck first, so they can rest against the cab area for extra support. Make sure that you balance these heavy pieces by placing them centrally against the cab, with weight on either side of them to keep them in place.

Long pieces next

Sofas and other long pieces should be placed on end to take up the least amount of space. Box springs and mattresses fit best on their sides, against one of the truck’s long panels. Tables, bookcases, rolled carpets, floor lamps (minus shades) and bed frames should also be moved into the truck now.

Fill in the gaps

Once the heavy and long pieces are in place, bring on the heavy boxes. These should be secured against the furniture and other large or heavy pieces to keep them from shifting. Place lighter boxes on top of heavier ones, and then stack chairs and other awkwardly-shaped items against these boxes as securely as possible. Fragile things (carefully packed) should go in last.

Your “first night” kit

The last items in the back of your truck could include personal luggage and a box with all the essentials you’ll need for the first night in your new place: sheets, towels, coffee maker – whatever will make you feel most at home. You will be happy that you planned your first evening in your new home with these necessities close at hand.

With all the trouble you’ll spend packing your things, don’t leave your moving truck packing unplanned. Determine the sequence of items that will get carried in and you’ll have a more secure load that will – hopefully — arrive with your possessions intact.

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