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Say goodbye to 2012’s Tangerine Tango: Emerald has been named the Pantone Color of the Year for 2013. Will it make an appearance in your apartment or wardrobe?

Start planning now to integrate this versatile shade into your everyday life.

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Bring the outdoors in
Echo the freshness of the great outdoors and the coming of spring by painting several of your walls (with your landlord’s okay) or even a single accent wall in your apartment. You can also try emerald accents with new or vintage framed prints, a decal border, or with painted door and window trim.

Color a bureau or a bookshelf green, and you’ve suddenly got the coolest color sprucing up the room. The color doesn’t have to dominate; consider painting just the drawer fronts or the top of a piece, for instance.

Enjoy lush textiles
Another way to use this year's "in" shade is to purchase fabrics in emerald. For the windows, green curtains or shades will do the trick. On the floor, look for area rugs or modular carpet tiles such as those sold by FLOR.

Emerald green tablecloths, table runners, napkins or candles can give your au courant dining area a luscious glow. And what better way to green your apartment than with emerald bed linens and towels for the bathroom?

Plants are where it’s at
Thanks to this year’s selection, plants are an especially perfect addition to any apartment decor. Choose some key specimens (real or faux) for your interior and place them in high-profile locations, such as on a sideboard or end table.

What better way to underscore green than to create a jungle on your balcony with blooming plants? Your outdoor living room can be the perfect place to drink in relaxing emerald hues. Purchase outdoor furniture in green, or paint the wooden or metal pieces you have. It shouldn’t be too hard to find outdoor cushions and an umbrella in a close approximation of your new, favorite shade.

Be pretty in green
If you can’t get enough of the green stuff, you can also drape your body with it. Be ready for St. Patrick’s Day this year; look for the emerald shade to grace as many clothing racks as apartment decorating blogs. A shirt, tunic, skirt or trousers — paired with vivid white — will make you a standout.

Think accents such as green scarves, gloves, belts or jewelry. You just might be forced to purchase your next purse or pair of shoes in this appealing shade. (Dare we say your friends will be green with envy?)

Check your favorite magazine or website to see what apartment decorating ideas emerald green inspires in you. With the luck of the Irish, it’s a crowd-pleasing color that will likely complement your apartment décor!

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