Make your Halloween get-together unforgettable with these delicious, sometimes weird food ideas that will have guests haunting your kitchen for more!

Try these tasty Halloween recipe ideas for your haunted Halloween gathering – you’ll be scared by how much your guests eat! Have fun while putting a ghoulish twist on old favorites or creating something scrumptious out of the seemingly unappetizing.

Sinister starters
Consider these creepy foods to kick off your festivities. Weird food can gross out guests, while delivering a savory or sweet surprise with every bite.

Make deviled eggs extra devilish for your Halloween get-together using jarred red peppers, chives and scallions to create a bedeviled face. You’ve never had stranger-looking sausage balls than these Monster Eyes, but you’d better hurry and sample them before your invited ghouls finish them off. Bat Wings (actually seasoned chicken wings) may look completely unappetizing, but are sure to disappear when your first brave visitor takes a bite. Serve them with a macabre, but tasty, tapas dish called Devils on Horseback, which are oddly-delicious, bacon-wrapped prunes.

Devilish drinks
You can ladle this spooky Brew Ha-Ha Punch into the cups of adults and kids at your Halloween party. When you place dry ice (safely) under the bowl, your guests will sense the smoky chill. For a truly creepy grown-up beverage, make this Eyeball Martini, using a radish and olive as a gruesome garnish floating in gin or vodka. A dead-of-night alternative is the Headless Horseman, made with Falernum, rum and pumpkin ale. This cocktail, with flavors of lime, almond and ginger, is seasonal, yet quite unexpected.

Sweet and spooky treats
What would Halloween be without spooky treats for the young and the young at heart? Your guests will love spider cookies, made with crispy chocolate cereal and black-licorice legs. (Here’s a gluten-free version.)

Chocolate bat cupcakes take two squares of chocolate, mints, or cookies placed on each side of the cupcake to form wings. Use a thick chocolate ganache frosting to hold the “wings” in place. With a frosting tube, draw on a bat face. Place small, white candies or white daubs of frosting for eyes.

No ladies’ tea would be complete without Lady Fingers cookies, but you can give them a gruesome twist at your Halloween party this year by serving them with Men’s Toes. These delicate biscuits will have your guests grimacing for more. Or serve up some Black Magic Cake. The coffee in this formulation deepens the chocolate flavor, sending this dark confection to flavorful depths.

This year, plan ahead to make your Halloween get-together unforgettable with these delicious, sometimes weird food ideas that will have guests haunting your kitchen for more!

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