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[find-an-apartment] Quick! You’ve got a houseguest arriving or a dinner party in an hour. How can you tackle a desperate speed clean in time? Don’t panic! Here are some cleaning tips to get your place looking perfectly presentable — in a hurry.

Here’s where you get rid of any piles of stuff littering your living space–the things you’ve wanted to sort properly, but haven’t found the time to get around to. Hey, now your time is really up! An empty bin that you can fill and stow away will come in handy – just make sure you separate any really important items, like bills, in a place where you can locate them later.

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Quick dust
You don’t have to wipe down every square-inch of space and each knick-knack in your apartment. The goal is a fast cleaning of any long expanses of table-tops, shelves and other surfaces where dust really shows up. Locations over your guests’ heads and in nooks where they just can’t see may be left for a more leisurely dusting later.

Surgical floor cleaning
Save the under-the-bed and behind-the-sofa vacuuming for another day. This effort is to get the drips of coffee off the kitchen floor and suck up the balls of cat fur on the living room carpet. Be strategic, be surgical and try to get all the spots you feel are reasonably visible. A little bit of dust in the far corners of a room will be forgiven by any but the most fastidious visitor.

Target the bathroom
If you have a guest bathroom, do the best quick cleaning job there, as it will probably get more attention than any other room. Sweep the floor and then do a fast wet mop, using a Swiffer or other disposable pad system. Pour a little bleach into the toilet bowl and scrub the inside with a toilet brush to get it clean in a hurry. Flushable cleaning cloths, such as Method wipes, are a quick and easy way to deal with icky residue. Do a quick scrub of the tub or shower, rinsing away hair, mildew and soap scum, and pull the shower curtain or door shut.

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Quick final touches
Well, you may not have time to go out and buy fresh flowers, but there are things you can do for a last-minute finale. A clean tablecloth can instantly add an elegant finish to your dining room. Top it with a bright bowl filled with fruit and you’ll look like you’ve had all day to get ready. Do you have a few candles in a cupboard? Fresh sticks in candle holders or tea candles on pretty saucers can instantly dress up a sideboard.

To add a fresh smell to your kitchen, take a page out of the book of real estate tricks and sprinkle a spoonful of cinnamon on a small square of tin foil. Turn the oven on at low heat and let the aroma do the rest.

You don’t have to spend hours scrubbing to get your space clean enough for casual company. Keep these simple cleaning tips in mind, and you’ll be ready for a crowd at a moment’s notice!

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