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It’s a good idea to get to know your apartment neighbors — whether you really want to or not!

Whether you are full-on friendly or super-shy, you should make the effort to meet at least two or three of your apartment neighbors for these four simple reasons.

In case of emergency
One of the most basic reasons for saying hello to your hallmates might, at first, appear a little selfish. What if you encounter an emergency and need neighbor assistance? Sure, none of us like to think about unfortunate situations, but it’s smart to have someone to call if you have a medical emergency, safety issue… or if you lock yourself out of your apartment.

It’s wise to swap phone numbers with a few people that live above, below or next door to you. Before you exchange apartment keys, however, make sure you get to know that neighbor and feel comfortable first, of course.

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When you need a helping hand
A more likely scenario is that you’ll need some help at home and could benefit from a neighborly relationship. Run out of coffee on a Sunday morning? Call your neighbor. Need someone to feed your cat or check your mail while you are on vacation? Call your neighbor. From spare light bulbs to plant watering, it’s totally worth it to get to know the girl or guy next door.

For fun and friendship
The big bonus of having cool apartment neighbors is that you instantly get a bunch of built-in friends. Planning a movie night, supper club or walking group is a piece of cake when you have pals just steps away. (No one will ever complain about your place being too far!) Remember those BFFs from your college dorm? Neighbors can be just like those buddies, if you choose your neighbor-friends wisely and then make an appropriate effort.

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To maintain mental health
Today’s world of texting, tweeting, online relationships and telecommuting can leave you feeling lonely. Put a stop to solo sadness by starting up a few face-to-face relationships with your neighbors. You don’t have to spend hours chatting up everyone you see on the sidewalk, but a friendly wave and hello will make you both feel infinitely better.

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If you don’t know a soul in your apartment community, make a point to meet some folks this week — at least two people. You never know when you’ll need – or how much you’ll value — each other’s help and friendship!

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