Football party for the big game

Gearing up for the big game at the weekend with a party at your place? If you’re inviting your team of friends and family over to watch football, you’re going to have to feed them. However, you’d probably like to accomplish that without crippling your bank account. Never fear — Apartment Guide’s here to show you how to get your snack situation sorted without the heavy investment, as well as a few other ideas to save you some cash.

Get Your Snacking Supplies

Let’s face it, if you live in an apartment you’re not likely to have the storage space to hold all the dishes and glassware you’ll need to feed and water your guests. Additionally, it’s a mega-mess that you’re going to have to deal with afterward. Get smart and head to your local discount or dollar store and stock up on the essentials:

  • Paper plates
  • Napkins
  • Paper towels (because spills happen)
  • Plastic cups

Keep It Simple with Party Staples, Stupid

Nobody is expecting for you to roll out the red carpet and serve a multi-coursed French dinner while watching a football game. When it comes to snacks, think of readily grabbable munchies that can easily be munched in a bite or two, or even shoved in by the handful. By setting out some big bowls of these staples, you can look like a party pro without crippling your wallet. Some easy ideas include:

  • Tortilla chips & salsa
  • Potato chips
  • Chip dips
  • Popcorn (get fancy and sprinkle it with different seasonings)
  • Pretzels
  • Nuts
  • Mini candy bars or assorted bowls of candy

Throw In a Few Easy Appetizers

You don’t need to just stop at chips and dips while you’re watching football. Making a few more substantial appetizers to feed your guests can actually be fairly painless and inexpensive. Take a look at these recipes that check the boxes for both cheap and delicious:

Party Pinwheels
Easily customizable for all of party guests, these inexpensive appetizers not only look impressive, but are delicious to eat.

Queso Cheese Dip
It’s official: you can’t really have a party for the big game without this standard, stupidly easy queso cheese dip. And let’s face it, would you want to?

Crispy Roasted Chickpeas
You’ll love how easy it is to pull these snacky little bites of crunchiness together — and cans of chickpeas are usually a pantry staple and inexpensive!

Get Your Guests to Join In

As with most parties, you’ll usually get asked by your guests if there’s anything they can bring. Say yes! You can turn your party into a potluck party, ask for guests to bring their favorite snacks or appetizers for the crowd, or even set your party up where some folks bring a certain kind of dish (appetizers, desserts, etc.). As one of the most expensive things about throwing a party can be the drinks budget, asking your guests to bring a bottle of something to share, soft drinks or even a six-pack of beer isn’t out of the ordinary.

How do you throw a party for the big game? Is there anything that you absolutely must serve while watching football? Let us know below!



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