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Moving into your first adult apartment can be daunting. You're no longer in college dorms or living with your parents. The transition from young adult to real grown up comes with a lot of obvious purchases (like a couch or TV), and a few you probably don't even realize you need.

Here's what you need in your first adult apartment.

1. Bed frame

bed frame

The whole “bed on the floor" look is only acceptable in college. In your first adult apartment, you need a bed frame. Not only is it more comfortable, but it will make your bedroom look significantly more grown up.


2. Bedding


On top on that bed frame, you should invest in proper bedding. Rather than using a random blanket your aunt gave you for your birthday last year, get an actual comforter with matching pillowcases and sheets. This will make your place look put together and you'll probably get a better nights sleep.

3. Framed art

art frames

A simple way to make your place look more mature is to throw your favorite band's poster in a frame rather than using thumbtacks to hang it up. Better yet, invest in some real art (even if it's a print of a famous work of art). You'll instantly add color – and culture – to your space.

4. Coffee maker

coffee maker

Invest in a nice coffee maker. Try a Keurig, drip coffee maker, french press or espresso maker. There are tons of options to choose from. You'll also save money by making coffee at home rather than grabbing a latte before work!

5. Nice towels

nice towels

Throw out your old towels and trade them for a nice, matching set. Towels are something you use every single day, so having a nice set is important. They'll make your house feel more like a home and your guests feel more comfortable

6. Full length mirror

full length mirror

A full length mirror is absolutely essential for any adult. The days of only seeing half of your outfits in the bathroom mirror will be a thing of the past. And with so many options in size and frame, you can easily match it to your grown-up decor.

7. Cleaning supplies

cleaning supplies

Part of maintaining an adult apartment is keeping the place clean. Invest in good cleaning supplies, including a broom.

A broom, however, can only do so much. Even if you have wood floors, you're going to want a vacuum. You certainly won't be able to get your place as clean as it could be without one.

8. Plungers


You won't think about a plunger until, well, you need one. This is essential to have in every bathroom in your place.

9. Coasters

drink coasters

There's a reason your mom always told you to use a coaster. If you're investing in furniture, you definitely don't want rings from all your friends embedded on it forever.

Plus, coasters come in all kind of shapes and sizes. You can get creative and make them double as decor!

10. Tool kit and drill

tool kit

There are many instances where you'll find yourself looking around for a screwdriver. Be prepared by having a tool kit and drill in your place.

11. Flashlight


The last thing you want when the power goes out is to be without light. Having a flashlight will come in handy more than you think.

12. Fire extinguisher

fire extinguisher

This one may be obvious and hopefully, you had this prior to your first apartment, but if you don't, you need one. An estimated 80 percent of home fires are extinguished with fire extinguishers.

13. First aid kit

first aid kit

Along the same lines, any grown adult needs a first aid kit. You never know when you'll cut your finger or get a splinter.



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