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Moving to a new home can be one of the most exciting times in your life. It gives you the chance to decorate a new space, a new place to create memories with loved ones, and a fresh, new energy to your surroundings. However, when looking for a new place to move, it’s important not only to keep the physical attributes of the apartment in mind, but also the characteristics of the neighborhood. After all, what’s the point of moving to a new place if you don’t like its surroundings?

If you’re thinking about moving to a new city or town, research the different neighborhoods available – what amenities they offer, what the community is like, and what attractions they afford easy access to. Want to know more about what to look for in new neighborhoods? Consider these five important factors when deciding if a new area is the right location for you to call home.

1. Price Range

Pay attention to the price of rent in the neighborhoods you’re considering. You have to be able to afford to pay monthly rent and utilities! Monthly rent prices in a neighborhood are good indicators of the prices of services and amenities in the neighborhood. If you choose a home on the low end of prices for your neighborhood, but there are other rental homes that are much more expensive, there’s a good chance that prices at stores and restaurants in the neighborhood might be on the higher end of things. Ensure that you can not only afford your rental, but also the neighborhood’s available resources.


2. Amenities and Attractions

Another important thing to look for in a neighborhood are great amenities and attractions. You’ll likely be spending the most time at places around your home, so make sure it is surrounded by plenty of activities! Think about what kinds of places you like to spend the most time at. Do you like dining out? Are you a person that spends a lot of time outside in parks? Do you want to be located near top-notch schools or daycares? Make a list of important amenities to you, then look for neighborhoods that closely meet those specifications.

3. Commute

Your work commute is a huge factor when choosing the right neighborhood. Think about how long it will take you to get to and from work, and how you will physically do that. Consider living in a place that offers an acceptable commute time and an easy way to get to and from where you need to go, whether that’s by your own vehicle or public transportation. If you have friends or coworkers already living in some of the prospective neighborhoods, find out if carpooling is a reliable option.

4. Safety

Real estate brokers can’t legally tell you how safe a neighborhood is, but it’s an important thing to keep in mind for an area that you want to call home. You can find reports about crime by geographic area online, and you might want to research different areas to make sure you will feel safe in your new neighborhood. You should also take into account other safety considerations that apply to your life – for example, whether a neighborhood has sidewalks, bike lanes, or a fire department nearby. Pro tip: drive through a prospective neighborhood during the day and at night to get the feel of a local. 

5. Home Size and Shape

Nearly every neighborhood has its own character and personality, and one of the important qualities that makes up its personality is the size and shape of the homes within it. Are you looking to live in a high-rise building? A community of townhouses? A small apartment complex? Each neighborhood has its own character, and the types of available rental homes will reflect that.

Once you’ve considered the above factors, the next step in choosing the right neighborhoods is to research your new hometown and the available neighborhoods within it. By making a list of neighborhoods that definitely have the qualities you’re looking for and eliminating the neighborhoods that don’t, you can start with a much smaller selection of rental homes, ultimately increasing the chances that you’ll find just the perfect rental for you. Look no further than Apartment Guide to begin your search. Do you have any expert tips for finding the right neighborhoods? Share them with us in the comments below, on Facebook or tweet them to @ApartmentGuide on Twitter!



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