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Moving to a new place is stressful, and the entire process can be a hassle. Searching for the perfect apartment, hiring movers and then furnishing and decorating your space can be tedious. But fortunately for you, ApartmentGuide.com is there to make the process easier.

If you’re searching for apartments for rent in Richmond, consider narrowing your search by selecting furnished apartments. Searching for furnished apartments removes one step from the moving process: finding an apartment that will fit your furniture or finding furniture that will fit your apartment. Furnished apartments allow you to focus more on checking items off your moving checklist. They’re also great for potential residents looking for short-term leases in Richmond. But if you think having an apartment that comes furnished means not being able to make it your own, think again. Read on for our suggestions on making it your own, as well as additional items you may need.

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What Comes in a Furnished Apartment
What exactly comes with a furnished apartment? Each Richmond apartment community may offer different options, but ask the property managers for more details about what is included. These items typically come standard:

  • Bedroom
    • Bed
    • Nightstand
    • Chest of drawers
  • Living Room
    • Sofa(s)
    • Coffee table
    • End tables
    • TV stand
  • Dining Room
    • Dining table
    • Chairs

What You’ll Need to Bring
It is a furnished apartment, but you’ll still need to bring some essentials. These items include:

  • Bedroom/Bathroom
    • Sheets, comforter, blankets
    • Pillows
    • Hangers
    • Towels
    • Toiletries
  • Living Room
    • TV, electronics
    • Lamps
  • Kitchen/Dining Room
    • Pots, pans
    • Dishes
    • Utensils
    • Trash can

Making It Your Own
Though the furniture that comes standard is like everyone else’s, you can make it your own. Feel free to rearrange the furniture. Arrange the furniture in the living room around a focal point, and set up the bedroom furniture to optimize your space. Purchase a slipcover for the couch, and add accent pillows to match your décor style. Use a bold-colored rug under the coffee table to add a pop of color to the space. Add lamps to the end tables that will not only add extra light but can become a part of your décor.

For the dining room, add a table runner and/or place settings to add character to a rather boring table. Complete the look of your space by adding window treatments, if given the OK by your landlord. Add wall décor throughout your apartment. And finally, don’t neglect your bathroom; purchase a fun shower curtain to add appeal to the space.

With a few simple steps, your new Richmond apartment will feel like home.

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