6 smart hacks for an effortless move

6 smart hacks for an effortless move | Apartment Guide

In May, we shared nine essential apartment moving hacks for an easier move. We encouraged our Twitter followers to retweet their favorite apartment hack for a chance to win prizes during our #MoveInMonday Giveaway. Our followers had so many clever ideas, we decided to share some of their own smart moving tips:

Can’t move a heavy box? Try @JamieJamieHam‘s advice:

It’s easy to run out of bubble wrap or newspaper as you’re packing up. @OliveTulips suggests wrapping your clothes around breakables:

Once you start going through all your possessions, you might find you had a lot more things than you thought. @TamaraBenningto and @donnak4 share what they do to keep only what they want:

Small pieces of jewelry and makeup can easily get lost while moving. @mshllll has the perfect way of storing small items when moving:

@juanitamay67 has the right idea of how to prepare for a move:

Do you have any other moving tips? Tweet us or post your moving hack on our Facebook page!

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