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how to give notice

One of the most important things to do before you move is ensuring you give notice to your landlord or apartment leasing office of your intent to vacate, or when you are planning on moving out of your apartment. Not sure how to do it? Check out our easy guide below.

1. Check Your Lease

The terms of when your lease ends, as well as information about leaving before a lease term ends, should be included in your copy of your apartment lease. If you haven't looked at it in awhile, be sure you take some time to go through it so you can uncover any terms that may affect you. Things you should look for include:

    • a notice period
    • how to give notice
    • conditions for the return of your deposit
    • additional info, such as how damage will be handled or the cleaning fees you can expect

Knowing exactly what you originally agreed to on your lease will ensure you give notice the right way, and sidestep any problems.


2. Talk to your landlord or leasing office

Talking to your landlord or apartment building's leasing office can not only give them a head's up of your intent to move, but it's also a great way to get any questions about your lease, how to give notice and getting clarification on anything else that needs to be addressed.

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3. Write your 'notice of intent to vacate' letter

Putting your notice that you're moving out (you "intent to vacate") in writing — while not always required by some leases — is the safest way to ensure that your landlord or apartment office knows the exact day you're planning on moving out AND when you gave notice.  Though not required, it's also a good idea to send your letter through the mail as either a recorded delivery or a signed for delivery so you have confirmation of its arrival.

Use this template for your letter:

Your name
Your current address and apartment number
Your city, state and zip

Today's Date

The landlord's name, or the apartment company’s name
The management address that's on your lease, including city, state and zip code

Re: Notice of Intent to Vacate

Salutation  (Dear _____, or  To Whom it May Concern)

Statement that this letter is your intent to vacate on (date), and that your notice is being given ____ days before you intend to move, which corresponds with the amount of notice your lease says you must give

Why you are leaving (but don't give a lot of detail, and be respectful)

A request for learning when your security deposit of $____ will be returned or notice of any other fees for damages or cleaning

Where you can be reached after  your move


(Your Name & Signature)

Are you thinking of moving this year? What other tips could you give renters on moving to a new apartment?



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