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Is there a decorating style or do-it-yourself project you’ve always wanted to try? For senior decorators, there are plenty of easy plans and projects that won’t leave you spent in time, money or effort.


Create the atmosphere you’ll enjoy in your home. Read on for a collection of interesting options to tailor the perfect space.

Decorate with drama as you downsize
Many seniors opt for a smaller home or apartment to lower their costs and upkeep. But just because your space gets smaller doesn’t mean your taste has to!

Consider getting rid of frumpy, worn out or uninspiring pieces of furniture and opt instead for a few dramatic pieces. Create a luxurious space by surrounding yourself with vivid fabrics, rich wall colors and window dressings that create warmth and atmosphere. A large bed with vivid linens or a plush, multi-cushioned sofa might help create the bedroom or living room you truly love and want to spend time in, for instance.

Keep it simple
Think easy-to-maintain when it comes to your decorating style. Remove as much clutter as possible from your living space. You might go modern and modular with simple, versatile pieces that will serve dual duties in your home.

Unencumbered, your new decor can reflect a more mobile you, one who travels, socializes and volunteers on a moment’s notice without having to worry about heavy housework. After all, in retirement, you may truly be living for yourself for the first time in years.

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Sort out knick-knacks
Getting a little older gives you the ability to carefully consider the people, experiences and things you care about most so that you can focus your energy. Now’s the time to sift and sort until you have the contents of your life arranged just the way you want them.

Be sure to hone in on the contents of your home, as well. Let the decor in your apartment reflect a streamlined life, without clutter or too much dust-collecting stuff that can slow you down when cleaning.

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Interior decorating for seniors can be a fun and exciting experience, an adventure in creating the ideal home. Focus on ease — both in the creation and maintenance of the decor — and your home can be as carefree as your lifestyle!

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