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Toss the old school duster.

Seriously, those old school feather dusters are a waste of time. Sure, they collect some dust. But feather dusters pretty much just knock the dust into other places. It's not truly picking up the dust or "cleaning."

Luckily, there are some awesome tricks to cleaning those hard to reach places – and ways to keep your house from being dusty in the first place.

1. Use a lint roller

lint roller

A lint roller can be really useful for dusting several areas of your home. Use it to dust lamp shades, upholstery and curtains. This works especially well for pet owners, too.


2. Use a coffee filter for electronics

coffee filters

Yes, a coffee filter can do wonders for your dusting game. It's a great way to dust your TV, DVD player and computer. It removes the dust without having to use a spray that could damage your electronics. It's also a good way to avoid scratching your TV or computer screens.

3. Use a broom to reach those corners


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A broom can help reach corners where dust and cobwebs have gathered. Pro tip – Wrap an old t-shirt or towel along the bristles and use it to dust along crown molding.

4. Paintbrush

paint brushes

You can use a paintbrush to dust items with tight crevices. This method works great on small trinkets or decorative items.

5. An old sock

old sock to clean blinds

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Put an old sock on your hand and get to work. It works well on pretty much every surface. It's also a great way to clean blinds. Pro tip – Attach it to a screwdriver or a ruler to get in hard to reach areas.

Stay ahead of the dust bunnies

The best defense is a good offense. Vacuuming and changing your air filters frequently can really help combat dust in your home. Use the crevice tool on your vacuum to clean corners, baseboards and other hard to reach areas. Changing out your air filters every 90 days can also get your home a little closer to dust free.



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