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Moving to a new home can be quite a change for any dog. The new atmosphere and lifestyle can oftentimes cause anxiety. Most dogs will feel separation anxiety being in a new home because the environment isn't the same anymore.

While it isn't going to be an easy overnight process, there are ways you can make the move more pleasant for them.

Keep old routines

Avoid trying to come up with a new routine or schedule. Being in a new location is enough change for them, so keeping routines the same is the best way for them to experience the normalcy they crave.

If your dog is used to getting up and going to the yard, then do exactly that when they wake up. Do they go the bathroom first and then eat breakfast? Whatever their morning pattern may be, keep it the same as they slowly adjust to the new setting.

Even if you have to change a few things because of a new job or scheduling conflict, try to keep as much of the same patterns as you can. A similar routine opens the door for them to feel safe in their new home.

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Don't leave them alone for awhile

Most dogs are very sensitive to being in a new environment, so don't leave them for extended periods of time right away. Try to wait as long as you can before leaving them all alone in the new house.

It also helps if you're moving in with other people, so you can take turns watching over the dog in case you have to leave. Having just one person in the home will help them slowly adjust, and after some time, they can stay alone in peace.

Keep comfort items

Most dogs have certain toys, blankets or items that make them feel comfortable. What comforts them when they're sad?

You know what makes them happy and joyful, so be sure to keep these items handy and around when needed. When they're anxious, these toys should help to calm them down.

Keep familiar smells

Dogs have such a strong ability to smell, and this is oftentimes the main thing that scares them if they can't smell something familiar. Try sitting down on the floor with them for quite a bit. Enjoy some time with them and leave your smell around the floor so they get more accustomed to the space.

If there's a certain scent you have or cologne you use all the time, don't be afraid to use it throughout your new home. It's also important to not wash those dog beds or their towels right away. You may want to clean them up for your new house, but keeping the smell on them will help make your dog feel less anxious.

Be patient

It's important that you're patient with your dog. Try not to rush their transition. Make sure you take them on those walks and try to help them get accustomed to where they will go for their potty time.

Some dogs may forget their potty training or the rules set at your old home. It could take days or even weeks before they return to their old ways. If your dog wants to hide under the bed or in a closet, let them do it as long as you know they're safe. You want them to get used to it all.

Moving to a new home can be daunting for both the humans and dogs. Being in a new environment is always scary and different. These few tips will help ensure you make the right moves that are going to improve how they feel when moving to a new place. Their anxiety will lessen when you make the right precautions that will help them feel safe. Just a few small changes can make a world of difference.



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